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WASHINGTON Mon Nov 15, 2010 6:16pm EST

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WASHINGTON Nov 15 (Reuters) - Strange characters, quirky storylines and weird happenings out in Alaska.

Anyone hoping for a remake of Northern Exposure would have been disappointed by Sarah Palin's Alaska, her new television series that aired last night and delivered a much straighter diet of "family adventure" and "flippin' fun."

The reality show, which drew a record five million viewers to TLC, showed the human side of a politician who is among the most polarizing in American politics today. It is the kind of positive media exposure money can't buy, and got everyone talking again this morning about whether the former vice presidential nominee will run for the top job in 2012.

Washington Extra is not taking a position on that question. But after watching some of the shots of Alaska, I know where we are planning our next family vacation in 2011.

Finally, since this is Palin's day, more congratulations are in order. Her very own word, refudiate, was awarded 2010 word of the year by the New Oxford American Dictionary today and came in fourth in a similar list compiled by the Global Language Monitor.

But a shout-out for the DC area too. Snowpocalypse (together with Snowmaggedon), our very own winter blizzard, was listed in a respectable seventh place in the Global Language Monitor list.

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