Some local police using new program for immigrant crackdown

PHOENIX Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:24pm EST

Protesters, against SB 1070, hold signs up in front of the Phoenix courthouse in Phoenix, Arizona, July 29, 2010. REUTERS/Rick Scuteri

Protesters, against SB 1070, hold signs up in front of the Phoenix courthouse in Phoenix, Arizona, July 29, 2010.

Credit: Reuters/Rick Scuteri

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PHOENIX (Reuters) - Around half of local police forces partnering in a federal immigration enforcement program are using it to arrest illegal immigrants for traffic and other small offenses rather than targeting dangerous criminals, according to a study released on Monday.

The report by the Migration Policy Institute think-tank reviewed implementation of the so-called 287-g agreement, a government program that allows at least 71 participating state and local police agencies to enforce immigration law.

President Barack Obama's administration has said that the program is primarily targeted at identifying and deporting "dangerous criminals," although the study found that half the activity involved immigrants, both legal and illegal, arrested for misdemeanor or traffic offenses.

"Some jurisdictions operate highly 'targeted' versions of the program, aimed primarily at identifying serious criminal offenders, while others pursue more 'universal' enforcement strategies designed to detain and remove as many unauthorized immigrants as possible," the report found.

There are nearly 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, and the issue of what to do with the shadow population is a highly divisive issue for Americans.

Obama backs comprehensive immigration reform, tightening border and workplace enforcement, while giving millions of illegal immigrants a shot a legal status, although Democrats' efforts have been blocked in the U.S. Congress by Republicans, most of whom favor enforcement only.

The deadlock over immigration has led to stepped up activity at the state level, where a growing number of Republicans are pushing initiatives cracking down on illegal immigration and targeting birthright citizenship for the children of immigrants.

The study highlighted inconsistencies in the implementation of the program, which is used by participating police forces both to screen non-citizens held in jail for serious crimes, and to crackdown on those who committed minor crimes.

It found that a more 'universal' implementation of the 287-g program are particularly concentrated in the southeastern states, including North Carolina, which has seen a short increase in Hispanic immigration in recent years.

The southeast accounted for the 10 jurisdictions with the largest share of detentions for traffic violators.

(Reporting by Tim Gaynor; Editing by Greg McCune)

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commiehater wrote:
if the Federal Government would actually do its job as intended, instead of picking and choosing which illegals to deport we would not have the states getting involved, but when the government has turned its back on the states in the union they must do what they must to protect their citizens

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Brittanicus wrote:
America is emotionally exhausted and mentally divided on the growing crux of illegal immigration issues. Most lawmakers are afraid of it and will not touch it. For the prior thirty years or so these supposed legislators working for the American people have crippled any new laws against constructing the border wall, E-Verify or anything else that’s come their way.Then until prison is highlighted for businessman who scorn the law of hiring foreign labor and not obligated by the the introduction of mandated E-Verify, illegals will still get jobs. Today is entirely different as many strong minded legislators as Sen. Sessions, and a few others have explored the massive impact of this terrible plague of cheap foreign labor. Arizona Governor Brewer and State Representative Peirce have realized the terrible impact they have had to bare, from those illegal workers and their families. As a Border State it has had to suffer silently, but with the gigantic downturn of the caustic housing market, brought upon us by such silent partners in crime as Andrew Cuomo who made it extremely easy through threats to force banks to offer low income, and a majority of illegal alien’s families to buy homes. As more States begin to purge their regions of illegal immigration with such enforcement E-Verify, 287 (g) and more policing systems, these populations of aliens have no choice but to pack their possessions and head for California, Utah and soft States.

On the main agenda now is the burgeoning battle over the 14th Amendment that gives rights immediately to the new born of an illegal parent? The commentary on this is well known, but to my opinion that anybody with a parent who owns allegiance to a foreign country, cannot have any binding right to any citizenship. Eventually the Supreme Court will hear the State of Arizona pleading to overrule the law meant for just slaves after the Civil War. However, with three (I think) out of five justices the law, will stay the same. We can certainly without any exceptions deport the parent or parents? Most Liberal doctrines are a sad ideology, that is a disgrace to this sovereign country and indirectly the progressives are to blame for the 2.500 people who died in the carnage at the World trade Center. Law enforcement was prohibited to ask, certain question of the Muslim murderers who crashed the jets into the buildings thanks to the “Politically Correct” philosophy of a zealot extremists in the Democratic Party.

These reports lays out some unfortunate foundation about the birthright law, that outlines some facts that American patriots must explore: This become unfair game to the despondent US Taxpayer as the 14th Amendment is costing taxpayers billions of dollars annually, that should be going to our poor, our senior citizens, our homeless veterans, our mentally handicapped the old and sick. and and Until the Liberal progressives cut off our right to “Free Speech” or introduce the “Fairness Doctrine” I will bring to America attention the dangers of illegal immigration, chain migration and amnesty. Here are the projections of costs of the huge inflow of women 9 month pregnant females and ready to conceive, arriving from every country from one hemisphere to the other, getting free prenatal care, welfare and even as they have more children low income housing. : And

Another rip off of America’s tax base is the massive fraud of the child tax credit, that the Fed’s have done absolutely nothing about? This is mostly attributed to illegal immigrants who are largely responsible for this silent fraud that our taxes pay for. Another interesting statistic is “How many illegal immigrants have settled in the US, ” is an article located in the Christian Science Monitor: I have added these new links because there are so many negative points that must be explored

We must introduce every form of enforcement, including the border fence and scrutiny of every female who steps of a jet or arrive by ship. REMEMBER MOST LIBERTARIAN MEDIA WILL HAVE NO COMMENT BOX FOR YOU TO USE YOUR HEALTHY INTELLECT, AGAINST THEIR RAMBLING AGENDA’S BY SPEAKING OUT WITH FREE SPEECH. THEY ALWAYS TURN TO FOUL LANGUAGE, OR RACIST EPITHETS TO GRIND YOU DOWN, SO YOU WILL NOT STAND AGAINST THIS FINANCIALLY TROUBLING ISSUE. Join a local TEA Party for less government intrusion, fair taxation and to erase the illegal alien invasion that will escalate your tax burden. Learn more about this simmering financial problem and its consequences at and

No copyright ever. Distribute freely.

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magyart wrote:
I applaud the use of Secure Communities. Everyone that ignores the pathway to citizenship, is subject to deportation. Visit NumbersUSA and ALIPAC websites and help fight illegal immigration. We need federal E-Verify legislation, to force employers to check social security numbers.

Jan 31, 2011 10:21pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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