U.S. illegal immigrant population steady

PHOENIX Wed Feb 2, 2011 8:58am EST

A group of illegal aliens wait on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande river, after floating across in a tire tube, in Laredo, Texas May 2, 2006. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

A group of illegal aliens wait on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande river, after floating across in a tire tube, in Laredo, Texas May 2, 2006.

Credit: Reuters/Rick Wilking

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PHOENIX (Reuters) - The number of illegal immigrants in the United States leveled off at around 11 million last year, ending a two-year slide since the start of the recession, according to a study released on Tuesday.

The study by the Pew Hispanic Center noted 11.2 million illegal immigrants living and working in the shadows in the United States in March 2010, virtually unchanged from a year earlier.

The report, which drew on U.S. Census Bureau data, noted the number of illegal immigrants in the workforce remained steady at around 8 million.

The leveling off last year followed a two-year slide in the population to 11.1 million in 2009 from a peak of 12 million in 2007, at the start of the U.S. recession.

"What we have seen in the past is that the flow of unauthorized immigrants, particularly from Mexico, has been very closely tied to the state of the U.S. economy," senior demographer Jeffrey S. Passel told Reuters.

"We've seen large drops in the inflows when the U.S. went into a recession, and large increases when the U.S. economy was booming," he added.

The issue of what to do with the shadow population divides Americans.

President Barack Obama backs comprehensive immigration reform, tightening enforcement while giving millions of illegal immigrants a shot at legal status, while Republicans generally favor an enforcement-only approach.

Gridlock in Washington has led Republican legislators in a growing number of states to push measures curbing illegal immigration and challenging birthright citizenship for the immigrants' U.S.-born children.

The study found the decline in the number of illegal immigrants has been especially marked in Colorado, Florida, New York and Virginia -- which had previously noted growth in their unauthorized population -- as well as in Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

Passel said factors including a struggling local economy, together with local initiatives to crack down on illegal immigrants, likely contributed to the decline.

"We can point to the economy as perhaps the principal factor ... (although) Arizona and Virginia also passed restrictive legislation to limit undocumented immigration," he said.

(Reporting by Tim Gaynor; Editing by Jerry Norton)

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Brittanicus wrote:

Our government lies to us incessantly, as you only have to read the Wikileaks website secret documents. So stating that there are only 11 million illegally persons settled here is a blatant rhetoric. An interesting statistic is “How many illegal immigrants have settled in the US, ” is an article located in the Christian Science Monitor: http://tinyurl.com/6etlnm Giving low population figures smells of the Liberal progressives in the Obama administration, who have a major problem with speaking the truth. Any newspaper of media source that uses such words as unauthorized immigrant or undocumented worker can be considered a front with a Liberal editorial. Another point of view is that your blog, if it tells the truth about the illegal immigration invasion will never see the light of day. Liberal editors have been programmed to use utter propaganda, which for the life of me affects their intelligence and the fact they think the majority of Americans believe it?

Even the children of today are being indoctrinated with their philosophies, as they try to forward their ideological ideas in the classroom. I keep reading that illegal immigration is good the the economy. So you might ask honest contractors and sub contractors of the building trade, who have lost their businesses because others have used cheap labor and been easily to outbid their jobs that use American workers. This is why a mandatory E-Verify needs to be operated nationwide, to expose illegal workers who are taking US workforce jobs. After the national fence barrier is built securely, as planned in the 2006 Secure Fence Act, we can have honest talks on guest worker requirements for the agricultural industry, plus special immigration visa’s for the most highly skilled immigrants, who want to start a new life here.

Of course that might be the case with commerce and all entities that profit from them. Businesses don’t see it that way, because illegal labor can be preyed upon, paid minimum wages without any health care? Then guess who pays for that multi-billion dollar venture. The US taxpayers of course! Same with the school for every illegal alien child brought illegally to the US by a parent. It’s the same with every baby who collects an American birth certificate, under the ominous, misinterpreted 14th amendment. Remember that’s the first child and unlikely to be the last, collecting nice packages of welfare, cash payments and finally section 8 housing. Then over a period of time, more family escapes their country and cram into the home. If you have a few minutes click on these links, that if the Liberal media allows this commentary to be published The way to stop illegal aliens entering America, is to make it a class one felony with mandatory prison sentences in tent cities as with Arizona’s. Sheriff Joe Arpaio. After his bologna sandwiches–few would return across the border, except for the hardened criminals, who are flooding this nation.


These reports compiles some unfortunate statistics about the birthright law, that outlines the incentives for people stealing into America, that a prudent person should investigate.. http://tinyurl.com/48gpodm This become unfair game to the despondent US Taxpayer as the 14th Amendment is costing taxpayers billions of dollars annually, that should be going to our poor, our senior citizens, our homeless veterans, our single Mothers with children, our mentally handicapped, the old, blind and sick. http://tinyurl.com/46ffz6g and http://tinyurl.com/48bkx23 and http://tinyurl.com/45kopdl Until the Liberal extremists cut off our right to “Free Speech” or introduce the “Fairness Doctrine” I will bring to America’s attention to the dangers of illegal immigration, chain migration and amnesty and its rapidly spiraling entitlement costs. Here are the projections of instant baby citizenship costs of the huge inflow of women 9 month pregnant females and ready to conceive, arriving from every country from one hemisphere to the other, getting free prenatal care, welfare. http://tinyurl.com/2upevd And http://tinyurl.com/4pl97mo

Another rip off of America’s tax base is the massive fraud of the child tax credit, that the Fed’s have done absolutely nothing about? http://tinyurl.com/mhh22q. This is mostly attributed to illegal immigrants who are largely responsible for this silent fraud that our taxes pay for. I have added these new links because there are so many negative points that must be passed on to the Public
Join a local TEA Party http://tinyurl.com/1pzd for less government intrusion, fair taxation and to erase the illegal alien invasion that will escalate your tax burden. Learn more about this simmering financial problem and its consequences at http://tinyurl.com/c8y7re and http://tinyurl.com/zjsgl

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