Magla Products, LLC Announces Reverse Merger and $1.46 Million Private Offering

Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:25am EST

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Magla Products, LLC (OTCBB: ADSO) ("MAGLA"), a company, through its
wholly owned Magla International, LLC subsidiary, focused for over 50
years on nationally branded work-related gloves and household products
for consumers across a number of trade classes, today announced the
successful completion of a reverse merger (the "Merger") with Ads In
Motion, Inc. ("AIM"), a Company with no current operations. AIM, now
headquartered in Magla's Morristown facility, will continue the business
of Magla products as a wholly-owned subsidiary under the leadership of
the current management team, headed by Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer, Jordan Glatt. In completing the Merger, AIM issued approximately
13.45 million shares of its common stock to the holders of Magla common
stock, principally Mr. Glatt. The merged company was quoted on the OTCBB
market under the symbol "ADSO," beginning on February 8, 2011. 

    Concurrent with the Merger, the Company completed a private placement of
approximately $1.46 million to qualified accredited investors. The
securities purchase agreement regarding the offering contained various
other provisions including warrant issuance, and certain other rights of
the purchasers all as more fully described in the 8K. Upon closing of the
Merger and private placement, the Company has total shares outstanding of
approximately 15,943,000 million. Net proceeds received from the sale of
units are expected to be used for product development and sales, working
capital and general corporate purposes. 

    "The positioning of Magla as a public company, together with the current
capital raise should provide us with a substantially enhanced ability to
take advantage of the expansion opportunities offered to us both in terms
of product line and new markets. We are looking forward to continuing our
leadership in our core businesses and to additionally create many new
opportunities to utilize our brand recognition and extraordinary
distribution channel to offer additional products that reflect the
innovation and quality personified by Magla for over 50 years. We
congratulate our employees for their hard work and dedication and welcome
our new shareholders to the opportunities ahead," said Mr. Jordan Glatt.

    About Magla International, LLC
 The Company designs, arranges for
manufacture, markets and distributes disposable, reusable, work-related
gloves and related household products to consumers across a number of
major classes of retail trade. Magla has been in the household products
business for over 50 years and the glove business since the late 1970s.
Since that time they have expanded into the reusable wipes and cloths

    Our primary products include disposable and reusable consumer household
gloves and work gloves. We offer more than forty different styles and
designs and reusable and disposable household gloves and over one hundred
forty different work gloves are useful for a variety of consumers.

    The product lines are aligned with popular brands in order to connect
retailer's demands for brands that are easily recognizable by consumers.
In this regard, the Company entered into licensing arrangements with
brands including the Stanley(R) trademark from Stanley Black & Decker
(formerly, The Stanley Works). The license agreement provides the Company
exclusive right to use the Stanley(R) name on a variety of work gloves.
The Mr. Clean(TM) brand is licensed from The Proctor & Gamble Company for
disposable and reusable household gloves and reusable wipes and clothes
in the United States and Canada. The Company also entered in a licensing
agreement with the Williamson Dickies Company for use of the Dickie's
brand name for work gloves.

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Reform Act of 1995. Any forward-looking statements contained herein are
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uncertainties. The factors that could cause actual future results to
differ materially from current expectations include, but are not limited
to, risks and uncertainties relating to the Company's ability to sell
additional shares of common stock and warrants to purchase common stock
at additional closings, anticipated operating results; licensing
arrangements; relationships with our customers; consumer demands;
financial resources and condition; changes in revenues; changes in
profitability, changes in accounting treatment; cost of sales; selling,
general and administrative expenses; interest expense; the ability to
secure materials and subcontractors; the ability to produce the liquidity
or enter into agreements to acquire the capital necessary to continue our
operations and take advantages of opportunities; legal proceedings and



Steven Golub
VP Marketing
Magla International, LLC
973-984-7998 Ext 302 

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