Early Learning Academy Releases First Original Album, "The Letter Songs A to Z" Now Available on iTunes

Tue Mar 29, 2011 3:09pm EDT

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  GLENDALE, CA, Mar 29 (MARKET WIRE) -- Early Learning Academy -- a pioneering educational website
for children ages 2 through 6 (preschool through kindergarten) --
announced today the release of its first music album, "The Letter Songs A
to Z," which is available now on iTunes. The album features 26 songs, one
for each letter of the alphabet. 

    Samples of all 26 songs, including lyrics, can be accessed at is a global education initiative of Age of Learning, Inc.,
whose goal is to help children build a strong foundation for future
academic success by providing a comprehensive and engaging online
curriculum that greatly helps early learners succeed in pre-k,
kindergarten, and early elementary school programs. In keeping with this
overall mission, the 26 original letter songs were written
to help children learn the names and sounds of the letters of the
alphabet, as well as to increase their vocabulary. Additionally, every
letter song is produced and arranged in a different musical style to
introduce children to a wide variety of musical genres, including folk,
pop, R&B, big band, country, rock, tango, disco, hip hop, and more. This
wide variety of genres makes "The Letter Songs A to Z" album uniquely
entertaining for parents and children alike.

    Music is an important part of the Early Learning Academy
curriculum. The site's large and growing music library contains original
songs, such as those in "The Letter Songs A to Z" album, as well as
classic traditional children's songs, like "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and
"Five Little Monkeys." As with all of the content on, the
music and songs on the website are created and produced in-house by Age
of Learning's own creative team in Glendale, CA. This ever-growing team
of professionals is dedicated to providing children, parents, and
teachers with the highest quality educational experience possible. 

    "Learning the alphabet and the letter sounds and developing oral
vocabulary are all fundamental to reading," said Doug Dohring, founder
and CEO of Age of Learning, Inc., which owns and operates
"We know from the feedback we receive daily that the songs and music
offered on are among the most popular activities on the
site. Now that this album is available on iTunes, children and parents
can enjoy and learn from this music no matter where they are."


    From The Letter G Song (music genre: cowboy country)

    Gooey, gurgle, goopy, gushy,
 Funny words that start with g!
 Where would
a word like giggle be
 Without that goofy letter g?

    From The Letter X Song (music genre: hip hop)

    Now x sounds like "x" inside of a word!
 So every time you see an x, this
is how it's heard--
 Excite, exceed, extreme, extent, explore,
explode--that's excellent!
 Now x is a crossing, and x marks the spot!

If you want to know some more, this is what I've got:
 When x starts a
word, it's got the sound of a z.
 Will I give you an example? Most
definitely!'s curriculum has been designed in close collaboration with
nationally recognized early childhood education experts, ensuring that
the content aligns with best practices of early education. Recognizing
the important role that music can play in the education of young
children, incorporates songs and instrumental accompaniment
in many of the site's hundreds of online individual learning activities
in the subjects of reading, math, beginning science, social studies, and
the arts. Additionally, all of's innovative mobile apps
feature original instrumental music or songs that are both educational
and entertaining. Early Learning Academy's educational advisors include Dr.
Rebecca Palacios, pre-k and kindergarten teacher for more than 25 years
and a founding director and past vice-chairperson of the National Board
for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). Dr. Palacios noted, "Music
can be a very powerful teaching tool for young children. "The Letter
Songs A to Z" album will not only teach children about patterns of music
but will also familiarize them with patterns of sounds and words, such as
rhyming words and words that start with the same letter. Even children
who already know the alphabet can benefit from this as well as from the
opportunity to learn many new vocabulary words. I believe this album
could have a very significant positive impact on improving basic literacy
skills for young learners and even more so for children who live in
families in which English is not the first language spoken."

    "The Letter Songs A to Z" album is available through iTunes, along with
other's mobile apps including interactive books and
educational games. The complete "The Letter Songs A to Z" album is priced
at $9.99, while individual songs are available for $.99.

    About Early Learning Academy and Age of Learning, Inc. Early Learning Academy is a global education initiative of
Age of Learning, Inc., whose goal is to help children build a strong
foundation for future academic success by providing a comprehensive and
engaging online curriculum to greatly assist early learners to succeed in
pre-k, kindergarten, and early elementary school programs. The site is
named because it's a place where children can learn
important educational basics (often referred to as "the ABC's") through
the use of a computer mouse, thus At, the
computer mouse comes to life as ABC Mouse(TM), who serves as the site
ambassador and guide to early learners everywhere.

    Age of Learning, Inc. has filed multiple patents related to its uniquely
designed educational content delivery methods and systems.

    For information about, you can visit these links:


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