Calling All Authors! Xynobooks Makes It Easier Than Ever for Writers to Get Published and Promote Their Work for FREE

Wed Mar 30, 2011 9:15am EDT

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Calling All Authors! Xynobooks Makes It Easier Than Ever for Writers to Get Published and Promote Their Work for FREE

Online Publisher Takes Fresh Approach, Invites Authors, Written Work for No Up-Front Cost; Sign-Up Is Easy, E-books Available on Kindle, Nook, iPad

Xynobooks, a new online publisher that makes it easier than ever for writers to publish and promote their work, is calling all authors to publish their novels, poetry collections, short story anthologies, comics and plays for FREE. Registration takes just minutes and there are no add-on costs for marketing and promotions.

“While the online publishing industry has made it easier for new writers to get published, the process is still far too complicated and costly, particularly for new writers. Xynobooks is taking a fresh approach to online publishing. We’ve streamlined the entire process from sign-up to promotion, and it’s all totally free,” said Xynobooks Co-Founder, Char Klohe.

How It Works

At, sign-up takes minutes and publishing is easy. Most importantly, there are no add-on fees, which many other sites charge (on top of their initial publishing fee) for everything from creating a compelling e-book cover to online marketing and promotions. Xynobooks assists authors for free at every step, then publishes their work across the spectrum of popular e-book formats. Authors receive a royalty with every e-book purchase.

“At, we are building a community that empowers people to tell their stories and reach the world,” said Nick Maloich, editor in chief, Xynobooks. “There is no rejection committee standing by to judge whether a person’s work is worthy of being published. Instead, we help authors craft their work—regardless of skill level—into something that will find its audience."

Professional Editing Services

Xynobooks furnishes its writers with professional editing services, which are another key differentiator. While most online publishers simply make submitted work available for purchase “as is,” Xynobooks provides additional value by pairing writers with an experienced editor who will help them refine their work, and create a more polished finished product.

The company is adding new authors on a regular basis. Listed below are just a few of the latest additions to the family.

Ladies of Market Street by Emily Lear: The story of a sisterhood born in an upscale Manhattan brothel and facing murderous threats, which only the bonds forged between women can overcome (a mystery romance for women).

SOUL-Student of Universal Law by Sangeeta Bhagwat: Life on earth is threatened by ignorance. Follow the students of the Masters as they learn the way toward Ascension, and practice their methods, too (a science fiction novel for the New Age).

And Then Her Mouth by Portia Klee Jordan: Romance and erotic short stories written by a woman for women about the men she has or wants to love (a sexy read and guilty pleasure for straight women).

A Slender Volume of Poetry by Rebecca Gray: A collection of poems glamorizing latter-day adolescence and reluctant domesticity—meditations on marriage, motherhood, sex and the life one leads but never expected (sometimes risqué poetry that speaks to modern women).

Ecstatic Beat by Stevie Ray Robison: An exploration of the author's soul and the world through his innovative, provocative poetry inspired by the beat poets who helped change literature as we know it (a thought-provoking collection catering to lovers of Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, William S. Burroughs, and others).

E-book Formats & Pricing

Xynobooks publishes electronic books in all major e-book formats including Kindle, Nook and iPad. A variety of written work in popular categories including romance, erotica, fantasy, mystery, thrillers, science fiction, historical fiction, and gay and lesbian, is available for purchase for under $5.00. Some works in progress are also available for free download.

“We want to get our authors’ work to the audiences that matter most to them, including eventually print. Whether you’ve already been published or you’re entirely new to the process, we want to hear from you. Just think if Stephenie Meyer, stay-at-home mom turned best-selling author of the Twilight Saga, didn’t take a chance. Dreams can come true if you have the opportunity to be heard,” added Klohe.

About Xynobooks

Phoenix-based Xynobooks is a new online publisher that makes it easier than ever for writers to publish and promote their work on the web. Sign-up takes just minutes, it’s completely free, and there are no additional fees. Xynobooks wants its writers to succeed and promotion of authors and their work is part of the deal. The Xyno Team puts its extensive expertise in writing/editing, retail/marketing and entertainment to transform your passion into a published work. Writers are paid a royalty fee with every e-book purchase.

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