Avitage Transforms Online Meetings with Video Streaming and Collaboration from Watchitoo

Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:00am EDT

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Avitage Transforms Online Meetings with Video Streaming and Collaboration from Watchitoo

Watchitoo today announced that B2B sales & marketing services company Avitage is using the Watchitoo enterprise collaboration platform to transform the webinars and sales web meetings that the company produces for its customers. Avitage chose Watchitoo as part of an initiative that aims to increase the effectiveness of webinars and web-based sales meetings by adding high-quality video and engaging attendees directly in the content and discussion. According to a survey of more than 300 C-level executives conducted by Forbes Insight, 65 percent of executives take some proactive action after viewing video, stating that they visited a company’s website to learn more after watching a video.

Watchitoo is the industry’s first true real-time collaboration platform that anyone can embed in their website. Using patent-pending multistreaming technology, the company allows any size group to connect; share any type of media, including HD video; see one another; talk and text/chat in real-time using nothing more than a web browser. There is nothing to download and nothing to configure.

“Our goal is to help organizations maximize marketing and sales effectiveness,” said Jim Burns, CEO, Avitage. “The web-based meeting, an excellent tool for connecting with prospects and customers, has not really evolved in years. Watchitoo is allowing us to transform the genre completely by moving from a unidirectional presentation to an engaging, collaborative discussion that integrates video, chat and collaborative work spaces, and to bring the power of video to organizations of any size”

Meetings and events powered by Watchitoo take place in a synchronized environment within the web browser that can be customized with any company’s branding. Key features of the Watchitoo platform that help marketers better engage with their audiences include high-def recording/archiving, screen-sharing, real-time moderation, "hand-raising" to pose questions, white-boarding, text/video chat, full Twitter integration, and direct Facebook posting. Watchitoo can be embedded on any website and does not require any download to start using and interacting. The company also offers a mobile version of its platform so that attendees can access a meeting from their iPhones or other mobile devices.

“In today’s content-rich business environment, decision-makers are no longer content to passively watch PowerPoint presentations,” said Rony Zarom, CEO, Watchitoo. “Avitage is one of the leaders in changing the rules for business engagement and turning the model for web-based meetings around with engaging, interactive events that spur attendees to action by allowing them to collaborate and see one another.”

About Avitage

Avitage helps B2B marketing and selling organizations address the critical problem of optimizing revenue generation. The way companies market and sell is often a key differentiator and value creator for customers. This is best accomplished through an integrated customer communication program that provides marketing and sales with customer relevant messages and content.

The ability to create and deliver customer relevant content throughout the entire customer buying cycle -- in formats that are preferred by each viewer, but especially in persuasive video formats -- is a key value of the Avitage content publishing process. For more information, please visit: www.avitage.com.

About Watchitoo

New York-based Watchitoo provides an embeddable, live multistreaming platform that allows multiple participants to see and hear one another in real time, collaborate around any form of rich media, and be viewed by an audience scalable into the thousands. For more information, visit www.watchitoo.com.

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