Bestselling Author Gloria Brame, Ph.D., Provides Adults With the Tools for a Happy & Satisfying Sex Life in New

Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:04pm EDT

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  ATHENS, GA, Jun 27 (MARKET WIRE) -- 
Renowned bestselling author Dr. Gloria G. Brame's newest book, "The Truth
About Sex, Volume 1 - Sex and the Self," has just been published and is
available for consumers worldwide via and Barnes & Noble. "The
Truth About Sex" is the first of a planned three-volume set of books that
gives adults the basic tools to have a happy and satisfying sex life. It
retails for $17.95 and is also available as an e-book.

    "The Truth About Sex" answers questions like:

--  How often is healthy to masturbate?
--  What are the physical benefits of frequent orgasm?
--  What really causes erectile dysfunction?
--  How can you tell if you're a sex addict?


"I'm excited to reveal reality-based models, hard facts and original
theories, as well as over a decade of highly successful, results-oriented
sex therapy with the general public," shared Dr. Brame. "Using
cutting-edge sex and medical studies, historical research and composite
case studies from my private practice, I strive to teach adults how to
make sexual ecstasy a reality."

    A complete primer on masturbation, orgasm and new models for talking
about, thinking about and understanding your inner sexual identity, "The
Truth About Sex" includes Dr. Brame's best clinical techniques for
improving sexual performance and increasing every adult's potential for
complete sexual satisfaction.

    "Healthy sexuality is fundamental to building healthy lives,
relationships, communities and societies, and we all could use some
guidance," said Nina Hartley, R.N., author of Nina Hartley's Guide to
Total Sex. "This honest and reassuring book is an excellent resource for
those seeking greater confidence in, and understanding of, this basic

    About The Author 
 Gloria G. Brame, Ph.D., is the bestselling author of
"Different Loving" (An Exploration of Sexual Dominance & Submission, a
Groundbreaking Study on BDSM/Fetish Subcultures) and "Come Hither" (A
Commonsense Guide to Kinky Sex, for Novices and Experienced Alike). With
a Masters degree in English Literature and experience as a journalist,
her straightforward communication style allows her to share her expertise
as a sex therapist and professor of sexology. More information about Dr.
Gloria Brame is available at 


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