PBOC fixes yuan mid-point at 6.4709/dollar

Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:18pm EDT

 SHANGHAI, July 11 (Reuters) - The People's Bank of China
fixed the yuan's mid-point at 6.4709 against the
dollar on Monday, slightly weaker than Friday's fixing of
 Mid-point  Previous day's mid-point  Previous day's close   
   6.4709             6.4705             6.4650	
 The PBOC issues mid-point data through the Shanghai-based 
interbank market, the China Foreign Exchange Trade System 
(CFETS), on the market's website, www.chinamoney.com.cn. 	
 The dollar/yuan exchange rate may rise or fall 0.5 percent 
from the mid-point each day.	
 (Reporting by Lu Jianxin and Jacqueline Wong)