MX as in Media-X-change - MAGIX Presents New Product Alignment

Tue Sep 6, 2011 5:30am EDT

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MX as in Media-X-change – MAGIX Presents New Product Alignment

Cell phones are not the only thing getting smarter these days, our everyday life with multimedia is becoming smarter, too. This becomes apparent considering the steadily increasing number of digital audio-visual media and corresponding hardware. As one of the forerunners of this development, Berlin-based multimedia specialist, MAGIX, focuses on the exchange of media in its consumer products for the upcoming season, calling this idea Media-X-change, short MX.

Whether photo, video, audio or any other kind of data, the new products of the MX generation make it easier to exchange media files with other MAGIX programs, to present them online, save them in the cloud and to access them. Multi-functionality and compatibility have come to be taken for granted not only for smartphones, but also for digital cameras, camcorders and (tablet) PCs.

Jürgen Jaron, chairman of the Management Board of MAGIX AG, comments on the new product alignment as follows: "'Audio' always implies 'visual'. On the other hand, it's hard to imagine a video without audio dubbing. For this reason, using and exchanging media flexibly is more important than ever. We have always felt Media-X-change to be the key of the MAGIX brand, seeing as even the first Music Maker supported the flexible integration of different file formats into the editing process. At the same time, Media-X-change is at the core of our vision of transcending the limits of our software and sharing and making edited media available everywhere.

New MX series by MAGIX: Ready to "Share" – Media-X-change

From a technical point of view, several elements of the Media-X-change feature have already been put into practice. For example, the virtual recording studios and video editing programs from MAGIX enable media to be uploaded to social networks such as Facebook or YouTube. MAGIX Music Maker MX represents another step towards fulfilling the new MX vision. The program will include the "Share" menu, which allows background music created with the program to be transferred to arrangements in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro or Video easy.

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