Assessing Multibillion-Dollar Combustion Turbine (CT) Market With Industrial Info's New Online North American CT Market

Tue Oct 25, 2011 6:15am EDT

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New Product Announcement from Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land,
Texas) -- Equipment manufacturers and service providers in the North
American Power Industry can now use a unique online analysis to assess
business opportunities in an estimated $2 billion after-market business
for combustion turbines (CTs). A new service from Industrial Info
Resources, the North American Combustion Turbine Generator Market Share
Analysis, provides critical market sizing and market segmentation
intelligence on the currently installed base of about 5,000 CT units
operating in the U.S. and Canada. 

    In this new offering, Industrial Info has created an online environment
for users to access over 100 views of the combustion turbine market,
including market sizing and detailed segmentation by capacity, power
usage, turbine type, age, as well as peer comparisons across various

    Users of this analysis will also learn which manufacturer has been
awarded future CT installations, with specifics on new-build activities
in various stages of development. Our online analysis reaches into
Industrial Info's new-build database to give a market share analysis of
future installations that's comprehensive and up-to-date. 

    To illustrate the dynamics of the U.S. CT market, Shane Mullins,
Industrial Info's VP of product development, stated that 72 new units
were installed in 2010, and another 64 have been installed so far in
2011. Looking out to 2012, Industrial Info is tracking the scheduled
installation of an additional 89 CTs. Mullins projects that, on average,
about 70 CTs will be installed in the U.S. each year for the next five

    There's no doubt the natural gas power generation industry is going
through another development expansion, not to mention the number of units
that will replace retiring coal-fired power boilers in the near future.
Furthermore, CT's from the last natural gas development boom that
occurred in the early 2000s are entering their 10-year major overhaul
period. With so many new opportunities coming up over the next several
years, keeping up with the market share analysis is important for
after-market vendors and service providers alike. 

    "There have been, and will continue to be, dramatic changes in North
America's Power Industry," stated Shane Mullins in an exclusive
"Navigating the Currents of Change" interview. "Electric utilities have
announced the early retirement of over 20,000 megawatts (MW) of older,
coal-fired generation in 2011 alone. We expect to see an additional
10,000 MW of early retirements per year for the next five years."

    In the U.S. and Canada, federal, state and provincial regulatory policy
is an important force driving the turnover of the generation fleet,
Mullins continued. Electric utilities are increasingly relying on new
gas-fired generation, typically high-efficiency CT units, to replace or
repower aging coal-fired generation that is being shuttered.

    Another force is the large and growing resource base of shale gas. A
third force, the "rush to renewables," is driving increased demand for
gas-fired generation, both for grid support and to back up renewable
generation that is not dispatchable, Mullins said: "All of these changes
increase the value of on-the-ground market intelligence about North
America's existing fleet of CTs."

    According to Ed Lewis, CEO of Industrial Info Resources, "We provide the
most comprehensive and up-to-date market share analysis on Combustion
Turbines in the North American marketplace. Our new product represents
over 5,000 direct research interviews with key plant personnel to ensure
the comprehensiveness and exactness of our turbine details."

    The North American Combustion Turbine Generator Market Share Analysis
makes it easy for users to view over 100 segmentations of the combustion
turbine market in the following granular detail:

--  Analysis by manufacturer
--  Turbine type: heavy frame or aeroderivative
--  Turbine model
--  Turbine usage: baseload, intermediate and peak generators
--  Turbine age
--  Owner type: utilities, independent power producers (IPPs) and
    industrial energy producers (IEPs)
--  Turbine location: country, region, and state or province where a
    turbine is operating


Click here to access the demonstration page of the new service. New
subscribers receive a 10% discount if they order before December 14,
2011. Use promotional code "Turbine11" when ordering.

    Shaheen Chohan, Industrial Info's vice president for global analytics,
said: "The quality of our data is the key differentiator between the
North American Combustion Turbine After-Market Analysis and other
market-sizing services. Industrial Info's data is dynamic and continually
confirmed by interviews with asset owners.

    "We listened to the market and responded to requests from equipment
manufacturers and service providers by introducing this new service,"
Chohan continued. "Companies can use this bottom-up, fact-based analytic
tool to validate -- or revise -- their assumptions about the CT market."

    Subscription details for Industrial Info's North American Combustion
Turbine After-Market Analysis service can be obtained by clicking here,
or speaking with our member services department at 1-800-762-3361. 

    Industrial Info Resources (IIR), with global headquarters in Sugar Land,
Texas, and eight offices outside of North America, is the leading
provider of global market intelligence specializing in the industrial
process, heavy manufacturing and energy markets. Industrial Info's
quality-assurance philosophy, the Living Forward Reporting Principle(TM),
provides up-to-the-minute intelligence on what's happening now, while
constantly keeping track of future opportunities. To contact an office in
your area, visit "Contact Us" page.


Joe Govreau

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