Japan Oct foreign reserves at $1.21 trln

Mon Nov 7, 2011 6:54pm EST

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TOKYO, Nov 8 (Reuters) - Japan's foreign reserves rose to
$1.21 trillion at the end of October, the Ministry of Finance
said on Tuesday. 	
    The data does not take into account Japan's yen-selling
currency market intervention on Oct. 31 as those sales were
settled in November.	
    Earlier Bank of Japan money market data suggested
authorities sold a record of nearly $100 billion worth of yen to
tame its high-flying currency on that day, much bigger than its
previous foray into the market in August.	
    In August, the nation's foreign reserves hit an all-time
    The MOF is due to release its monthly intervention data at
the end of this month.	
    JAPAN OFFICIAL RESERVE ASSETS (in billion dollars)	
             END-OCT    END-SEPT   END-AUG   YEAR AGO	
    TOTAL    1,209.882  1,200.593  1,218.501   1,118.121	
    To view the full tables, go to the MOF website at: