VectorVest India Introduced, Covering 2,100 Stocks On India`s National and Bombay Stock Exchanges

Mon Jan 9, 2012 11:44am EST

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VectorVest India Introduced, Covering 2,100 Stocks On India’s National and Bombay Stock Exchanges

VectorVest announced today its release of VectorVest India. VectorVest India analyzes, sorts, ranks and graphs more than 2,100 stocks trading on India’s National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange for Value, Safety and Timing. Every stock is ranked with ten months of data using VectorVest’s proprietary analytics, and given a clear Buy, Sell or Hold rating every day.

The potential that VectorVest India offers is enormous. Ranked 9th in world economies and 5th in real growth rate GDP, India is among the fastest-growing economies in the world – with some economists observing that it may overtake China in a few years. India is the world’s largest democracy and the world’s leading importer and exporter of goods and services, providing investors with the opportunity to get on the ground floor today with companies that may be tomorrow’s global giants.

VectorVest India v.6.0 provides investors with the same VectorVest tools, techniques, and information they already use to uncover the most promising opportunities in numerous markets: VectorVest already provides its daily – and in some cases real time -- stock ratings based on its unique analytic combination of Value, Safety and Timing for stocks trading in U.S. and Canadian markets. In addition, VectorVest is available for stock markets in the U.K., Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, and most Eurozone countries.

About VectorVest

VectorVest combines the insight of fundamental valuation with the power of technical analysis in an easy to use stock analysis software package designed for all types of investors. VectorVest provides a Buy, Sell or Hold rating on over 21,500 stocks worldwide each day. With over 23 years of research and experience on which to base its ratings, VectorVest is world-renowned for its reliable and comprehensive stock market analysis. For more information, visit

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