innoPath Announces the Integration of Its OTA Update Client Technology on Select Qualcomm Processors

Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:05am EST

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innoPath Announces the Integration of Its OTA Update Client Technology on Select Qualcomm Processors

innoPath Software announced today that its over-the-air (OTA) client technology, which is part of innoPath’s mobileUpdate solution, has been selected by Qualcomm Incorporated for pre-integration onto select Snapdragon™ processors, starting with the Snapdragon S1 MSM7x27A™ processor running Android.

An integral part of innoPath’s mobileUpdate solution is innoPath’s update client technology, which is compliant with OMA-DM FUMO standards and leverages secure package signing. Pre-integration of this client technology, which is compromised of innoPath’s update agent and OMA-DM client, in select Snapdragon processors will allow device manufacturers and mobile operators, who select the innoPath mobileUpdate solution, to more effectively and efficiently implement an OTA solution.

The innoPath mobileUpdate solution can be used by device manufacturers and mobile operators to push firmware and software updates, including new operating system versions, the latest fixes and security patches, directly to subscriber devices. In order to implement the innoPath mobileUpdate solution, OEMs and mobile operators will also need to obtain the innoPath Delta Manager tool, along with certain other cloud-based hosted services, from innoPath.

“As our mobile world continues to evolve and grow, market leaders realize that the user experience and manageability of mobile devices is a key differentiator for success. This is why we offer the mobileUpdate solution to our customers, to better enable them to meet the needs of twenty-first century mobility by allowing them to deliver new functionality, along with the latest fixes and security patches, to their devices in short time frames,” said John Fazio, President and CEO of innoPath. “By integrating innoPath’s client technology onto select Snapdragon processors, we make it easier for more mobile operators and device manufacturers to access our mobileUpdate solution, thereby providing them with a quicker path for a more reliable and easy way to update their devices over-the-air.”

“Integration of hardware, software and key services enable Qualcomm to deliver complete platform solutions to our customers. Providing access to an over-the-air solution gives mobile operators and device manufactures better control of device updates,” said Jeff Lorbeck, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Qualcomm. “innoPath provides the technology both on the client for pre-integration on select Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, as well as on the server for deployment of firmware and software updates.”

Snapdragon processors incorporating the innoPath update client technology are expected to ship to device manufacturers in the first half of 2012.

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innoPath technology drives the support and care of mobile devices in an always-on world. Using mobileUpdate and activeCare2, mobile operators and device manufacturers update, diagnose, and fix devices over-the-air. The benefits of using innoPath technology include avoided device recalls and returns, reduced incidence of support calls, improved first call resolution for issues related to Android and iOS devices, and increased subscriber satisfaction. innoPath’s customer list includes Verizon, KDDI, China Telecom, Tata DoCoMo, LG, Nokia, and Samsung, among others. For more information, visit

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