Lucky Cruise Launched on Facebook as First Social Game Collaboration Between Large Animal Games And WMS Gaming

Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:00am EST

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Lucky Cruise Launched on Facebook as First Social Game Collaboration Between Large Animal Games And WMS Gaming

Large Animal Games, an independent creator of unique social and mobile games, in collaboration with WMS Gaming Inc., a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of games, gaming content and gaming machines, and subsidiary of WMS Industries Inc. (NYSE:WMS), today announced the successful release of Lucky Cruise, a new social casino that incorporates content from WMS’ popular casino games. The Lucky Cruise social casino is being distributed on Facebook by 6Waves/LOLApps.

The S.S. Lucky Cruise is an advanced luxury liner fueled by luck. By playing games and enlisting friends’ help, players collect luck that powers the ship to exotic destinations around the world. Each port of call offers bonus games that earn lucky charms. Charms allow players to strategically influence game outcomes in several ways, such as “nudging” reels to create new wins. In addition, players can unlock new charms and destinations, improve game outcomes and customize their casino.

Orrin J. Edidin, President of WMS, commented, “We joined forces with Large Animal Games almost a year ago as part of our initiatives to prove how WMS slot content can be ‘socialized’ to attract new audiences for WMS slot content at our land-based customers’ casinos and to partner with casino operators seeking to enter the social casino space. By working with Large Animal Games, a world-class social games company, to develop the Lucky Cruise social casino, we are introducing entirely new audiences to the casino gaming experience, thereby demonstrating our ability to adapt our proven slot content to the social gaming space, which we believe will be an important driver in further engaging our land-based customers’ current players and in attracting new players to their facilities.”

Wade Tinney, CEO of Large Animal Games, sees the combination of Large Animal Games’ social game expertise and WMS’ powerhouse content as a wonderful opportunity to bring the proven gaming innovation and excitement that WMS has on casino floors to the social game arena. “Lucky Cruise offers instant recognition and player-appeal to fans of WMS’ leading game content, but the strength of the design is its appeal to social game audiences who are not necessarily slot players,” said Tinney. “Our play mechanics go far beyond the one-dimensional nature of other Facebook slot content, transforming passive and solitary play into an active, strategic and social experience involving a suite of games. We are already seeing this broad appeal to online players as Lucky Cruise is one of the most successful games we have launched to date. Lucky Cruise has already garnered tremendous early success, as evidenced by the number of monthly and daily active users. We’re very excited about the relationship with WMS and the initial success of this social casino for both companies.”

Orrin Edidin added, “For over a half century, WMS has been an innovator and leading consumer-focused game content developer spanning the pinball, arcade and home video game and casino industry game channels. Our industry-leading innovation and focus on research and understanding players are the drivers of our long-term record of success. As the Lucky Cruise social casino continues to grow and evolve based on player analytics and feedback, we are gaining important insights into the social game space, and the next generation of players that will lead to further innovation and new gaming mechanics and enablers for our land-based casino customers.”

Jim Ying, Senior Vice President of Publishing at 6L is also excited about the innovations that Lucky Cruise brings to the social casino and slot segment on Facebook. “Lucky Cruise offers not only high quality slot action, but adds a light strategy component that has already proven very popular with players. In addition, it’s simply a more social experience than other slot games in the market.”

About Large Animal Games

Large Animal has been developing and publishing unique games for over 11 years. Their current focus is on social games for networks such as Facebook and Google+, and mobile games for iOS and Android. Their Spartacus: The Game™, Picturiffic™, and Lucky Cruise™ games garner hundreds of thousands of monthly active users and are all powered by Toga™, their advanced social application platform. More information about Large Animal Games and Toga™ can be found online at

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