Japan Feb foreign reserves at $1.303 trln

Tue Mar 6, 2012 6:54pm EST

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TOKYO, March 7 (Reuters) - Japan's foreign reserves
declined to $1.303 trillion at the end of February, the Ministry
of Finance said on Wednesday.	
    Japan sold about 1 trillion yen ($12.39 billion) in
"stealth" currency market intervention that was not announced to
the market during the first four days in November, the finance
ministry said last month. 	
    The undeclared forays in the currency market followed
unilateral intervention amounting to 8 trillion yen on Oct. 31
aimed at weakening the yen against the dollar. 	
    Japanese authorities did not conduct any intervention from
early November to Feb. 27.	
    JAPAN OFFICIAL RESERVE ASSETS (in billion dollars)	
              END-FEB    END-JAN    END-DEC    YEAR AGO	
    TOTAL   1,302.877  1,306.668  1,295.841  
    To view the full tables, go to the MOF website at: