Global Mobile Phone Survey Reveals Men Care Most About Price and Women Care Most About Function and Design

Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:00am EDT

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Vuclip, the world's largest independent mobile video service, today
unveiled the results of a wide reaching global survey of consumer
preferences in regards to mobile phones. In February 2012, Vuclip
received survey responses from more than a half a million users from 188
countries. The survey uncovered key trends in mobile device preferences
and purchase intentions. 

    The research shows that women care more than men about the function and
design of the mobile phone they use. 37 percent of women responded that
the device features were their top consideration, with the screen size
coming in second place with 21 percent of women responding it was their
most important consideration. For men, the primary consideration was the
price, with 33 percent responding that this was their top consideration.
For women, only 18 percent responded that price was their top

    Additionally, the data reveals that 32 percent of consumers have no
specific plans to replace their handsets within the next 12 months but
that 29 percent of respondents currently plan to replace their mobile
devices within three months. Those most likely to replace their handset
in this timeframe are users in the under 18 demographic and those 18-25
years old. 

    In regards to brand preferences and loyalty, nearly 90 percent of Apple
users reported that they intend to purchase an Apple device in the
future. Only 60 percent of BlackBerry users reported a future intention
to purchase a BlackBerry while 37 percent of consumers globally want to
purchase a Nokia device as their next mobile phone.

    "We have a unique ability to capture the thoughts and preferences of
hundreds of thousands of worldwide mobile phone users, on any given
topic, extremely quickly," said Judith Coley, VP of Marketing for Vuclip.
"It's fascinating to watch trends on both a macro and micro level, and
it's this kind of insight which is exciting our brand advertising

    In addition to these survey results, Vuclip also today published the top
mobile video searches for February 2012. In the U.S. they closely map to
the excitement around the Grammys and Oscars and are as follows:

    1. Kim Kardashian 
 2. Lady Gaga 
 3. Justin Bieber 
 4. Katy Perry 
Selena Gomez

    Vuclip's monthly Global Video Insights Report is a resource for those who
watch consumer trends, such as advertisers, mobile carriers, content
providers and the mainstream public. To view the full report, as well as
an archive of previous reports, please visit: To watch mobile videos on
any smartphone worldwide, go to on your device.

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Melissa Sheridan 

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