Headworks(R) Ships Gargantuan Mahr(R) Bar Screens to Mumbai

Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:30pm EDT

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  HOUSTON, TX, Apr 22 (Marketwire) -- 
Colossal, enormous, gargantuan. Words like these are only used to
describe items that are physically or metaphorically of great magnitude.
Headworks Inc. is known for manufacturing the largest and most robust
screens in the industry, but a recent shipment to Maharashtra, India, may
set a new record for the largest pair of screens Headworks has ever
shipped outside of the United States.

    Each screen is comparable in height to a five story building, measuring
50 feet (15.25 meters) in height and 11 feet (3.45 meters) in width. An
unprecedented amount of raw materials were purchased for the sole
construction of the two screens, including:

--  48,947 pounds (22,202 kilograms) of stainless steel sheet and plate
--  15,248 pounds (6,916 kilograms) of screenfield bar; and
--  400 feet (122 meters) of chain.


Custom crates were manufactured for the transportation of the
screens for their voyage from Houston to India where they will then be
installed at the intake of the Shahad River, 60km northeast of Mumbai.
The installation is being handled by Crystal Industrial Syndicate Pvt.

    Headworks was awarded the contract last fall by STEM Water Distribution &
Infrastructure Company to manufacture the two bar screens. Heavy debris
from the Shahad River has been blocking and clogging the intake structure
and transfer pumps at the local Water Treatment Plant. A manual screen
was installed with hopes of reducing maintenance issues, but large debris
including the carcasses of small animals made the working conditions
unsanitary for the operators.

    STEM needed an improved screening system and hired Tandon Urban Solutions
(formerly Tandon & Associates) to specify a solution. The conditions
demanded a bar screen with 10mm spacings that could withstand flows of up
to 1,650 MLD. Although the total capacity of the WTP is 900 MLD, the
increase in flow capacity will support future expansions of the facility.

    "Some manufacturers didn't think it could be done," explained Gerald
Seidl, Senior Vice President of Headworks Inc. "Headworks, on the other
hand, manufactures some of the largest screens in the world and we are
thrilled to be presented with an opportunity to showcase our strengths
with screens of this magnitude in India."

    Both screens are scheduled to be installed post-shipment this spring.

    About Headworks Inc. 
 Headworks is a total solutions provider offering
wastewater screening, MBBR/IFAS biological treatment, and tertiary
filtration products to the worldwide municipal and industrial treatment
industry. Our dependable screening equipment operates automatically and
with virtually no maintenance in the toughest and most corrosive
environments. The Headworks Mahr(R) Bar Screen sets the standard in the
industry for withstanding extreme conditions. 


For more information visit www.headworksusa.com

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