New Data Reveals Medical Conditions Influence Media Consumption

Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:00am EDT

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  RESTON, VA, Jul 16 (Marketwire) -- 
Resonate, a leading advertising technology company focused on connecting
marketers with audiences based on values, unveiled new research that
suggests consumers suffering from certain medical conditions are more
likely to use multiple technology devices to ingest information. This
survey provides marketers with valuable information when targeting
consumers who suffer from ADHD, insomnia, acid reflux, diabetes and

    The survey of 4,500 adults (ages 21-65) conducted by Resonate showed that:

--  Insomniacs are 34 percent more likely to watch TV on a computer, 31
    percent more likely to watch on a tablet and 24 percent more likely to
    watch on a mobile phone.
--  Insomniacs are 30 percent more likely to spend more than 40 hours per
    week online.
--  People who have ADHD are 26 percent more likely to be cordcutters,
    while diabetics are 32 percent less likely to be cordcutters.
--  Acid reflux sufferers are 30 percent less likely to use only antenna
    TV service and 40 percent less likely not to have TV service at all.
--  People with depression are 15 percent more likely not to have TV
    service in their home.


"There is always something more for marketers to learn about
consumers. They always want one more insight that will give them an edge.
As this data demonstrates we give our Client's uniquely valuable insights
into how medical conditions can drive media choices," said Bryan Gernert,
CEO of Resonate. "Resonate offers a unique opportunity for marketers to
both understand their audiences and reach them where they consume media."

    Resonate conducted this online survey in May 2012. All participants in
the survey self-selected their medical conditions and Resonate didn't
screen for medical conditions. To find out more about why targeting
consumers based on values is more effective than traditional targeting
methods, please visit 

    About Resonate 
 Resonate enables advertisers to reach audiences based on
the nuances in consumers' belief systems and values. Our proprietary
platform allows marketers to build rich consumer profiles to power online
advertising campaigns, and gain actionable consumer insights before,
during, and after execution. Resonate's insights power the campaign
performance of leading brand and political advertisers. 

    Resonate is headquartered in Reston, Va. with offices in Chicago, Los
Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. For more information visit:


Joe Ferrary
Horn on behalf of Resonate

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