Gun control views unchanged after Colorado massacre: poll

WASHINGTON Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:42pm EDT

A Glock 22 pistol is seen laying on a Palmetto M4 assault rifle at the Rocky Mountain Guns and Ammo store in Parker, Colorado July 24, 2012. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

A Glock 22 pistol is seen laying on a Palmetto M4 assault rifle at the Rocky Mountain Guns and Ammo store in Parker, Colorado July 24, 2012.

Credit: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Americans' views on gun control remain largely unchanged despite the killing of a dozen moviegoers in a Colorado theater this month, a Pew poll showed on Monday.

Forty-seven percent of Americans say it is more important to control gun ownership, while 46 percent say it is more important to protect the rights of Americans to own guns, the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press said in a statement.

The numbers are virtually unchanged from April, when 45 percent prioritized gun control and 49 percent gun rights. Other major episodes of gun violence in recent years also had little effect on public opinion about gun laws, Pew said.

James Holmes, a former University of Colorado graduate student, was formally charged on Monday in the shooting deaths of 12 people in the shootings at an Aurora, Colorado, theater on July 20.

Sixty-seven percent of those polled say that shootings like the one in Colorado are the isolated acts of troubled individuals. Twenty-four percent say such shootings reflect broader problems in U.S. society.

Hughes had bought 6,000 rounds of ammunition online. Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey and Representative Carolyn McCarthy of New York said they were proposing limits on anonymous online or mail-order purchases of ammunition.

The legislation also would require reporting of bulk ammunition sales.

President Barack Obama pledged last week to work to "arrive at a consensus" on how to reduce gun violence.

The Pew survey was conducted July 26 to 29 among 1,010 adults.

(Reporting by Ian Simpson)

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Comments (9)
orion905 wrote:
I agree that we should ban guns as that means there will be no more gun crimes.
We have banned cocaine and there is no more cocaine in this country. Including meth, marijuana……
Drinking and driving is outlawed. I am glad I don’t see on the news of drunk driving murders anymore.
This Colorado maniac purchased 10 gallons of gasoline to be part of his bomb that was setup as a trap. That excess amount of gas should have been regulated. Who needs more than a gallon of gasoline from the pump!!! We need to ban such high amount of gasoline purchases right away.
We tell the people that guns are banned and I know those hardened criminals will understand and comply and register their weapons the same day the announcement is made. And we should proudly put signs on our windows and front lawn indicating that we are anti-gun and you may not bring guns into our homes as we don’t allow them here. The Cinemark theater where this attack happened had those signs and policies clearly posted. This one criminal must have been illiterate to have missed it. I know all criminals after seeing those signs would have known to leave their guns at home.
Sure federal buildings are well protected. But places like schools, churches and many other places where laws clearly state that guns are not allowed have never been targets of mass murders. If I was crazy and knew of places where guns are banned, that is the last place I would target knowing that my gun would cease to function as soon as I get there and wait for the police to come by after a few minutes.
Listen to people like Mayor Bloomberg. We should all become public officials and receive around the clock protection and have enough money to hire our own protection while taking guns out of only the law abiding citizens. His home address is proudly listed and people know that there are no guns there because he is against all guns.
When these public officials call for protection, the police are there 24/7. When they call 911, additional units are routed for high profile targets. I have not called myself or needed the protection, but I am sure if I called the police right now and request 24/7 protection, they will surely grant it to me as a simple taxpaying citizen. So I agree that these are the best people to lead for ban on guns from law-abiding citizens and ban ONLY for the law-abiding citizens.
Let’s only give it to a selected few. You have money and power….you are in. I am sorry, you are just too black and too Hispanic. You are poor? You know poor people are all criminals.

Look to the rest of the world like peaceful UK with very strict gun laws. Your family is sitting peacefully at home and some thug comes in to rob you with a big knife. They know you don’t have a gun. What is there to worry about?
10 out of 10 criminals prefer their victims to be unarmed, uneducated and helpless.

Take the high cap magazines away. I know those in organized crimes are too poor and too stupid to acquire the materials and knowledge to build them. I know no criminals can get a hold of them. Of course, with my years of machine shop work, I as a simple man can build those myself, but if these laws are enacted, I promise to get them erased from my memory.
Let’s assume that everyone in that theater were former SEAL members and ordinary citizens now. All armed and well trained in perfect physical health. What would have been the reduction in casualty?
Don’t just eat the propaganda. Just think for a moment and do a real research. The answer is not more gun laws if we really want to fix the problems.
There will always be evil out there. And when you cannot stand up against it, we will fall as victims of their cruel acts. Peace and freedom is not held by being naive. Peace and freedom is earned by determined people with means and will to fight for it and to protect it.

Jul 30, 2012 4:25pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
SokusTrokus wrote:
Views unchanged even after Colorado incident. Good.
I hope liberals stop pushing their gun control agendas and stfu!
Truly educating people would help … not giving hand outs to buy votes.

Jul 30, 2012 4:26pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
DawnBerkley wrote:
Maybe Americans are smarter than journalists and politicians? Why do you believe we should give up our right to self defense because a lunatic broke the law, and happened to us guns instead of gasoline or the explosives he made?

We need to vote the gun control nuts out in November –including the one in the White House

Jul 30, 2012 4:34pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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