Kred Launches Kred Story, Visual Stream for Exploring Social Media Influence

Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:00am EDT

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  SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Aug 21 (Marketwire) -- 
Kred, the community influence and outreach measure from social analytics
leader PeopleBrowsr, today launched Kred Story, an innovative new way to
view social media activity as a visual stream. Kred Story delivers a rich
personalized overview of anyone's shared content that lets viewers zoom
in on the details of their posts, the people they interact with, their
most commonly used words, and more. Invitations are available immediately

    "Kred Story is the culmination of many years of research by PeopleBrowsr.
It shifts the emphasis from scores and data to people and their content,"
said Andrew Grill, CEO, Kred. "Kred Story gives everyone access to social
data in an intuitive format that enhances their social media experience.
It makes influence metrics useful for all of us."

    Kred Story is a fun, easy way to discover people with common interests
and where they get their influence. Based on PeopleBrowsr's four-year
Datamine of social data, Kred Story's rich visual histories are generated
from a person's own social media posts, interactions, links, and photos.
Viewers can see anyone's social presence as a forest from an overhead
view, then zoom in to explore individual trees like their posts or people
they interact with. 'Infinite scrolling' allows viewers to pinpoint the
content that was most influential on a particular date. 

    Kred Story is also an appealing way to view popular, influential posts
from publishers, brands and other content creators. Entering the Twitter
ID of a publisher or thought leader like @CNN, @IGN, @Refinery29 and
@BoingBoing produces a timeline of its most popular content shared on
Twitter. Hashtags can also be entered to generate Kred Stories from
trends, events and entertainment properties.

    Kred Story streams can also include images of 'real life' influence as
Kred Moments. A Kred Moment, which can include personal or professional
experience, memberships, awards, degrees or anything else that indicates
community influence, may be added to a Kred Story by uploading proof of
the achievement.

    "Kred Story is a big step forward for social media influence
measurement," said Lee Hammond, VP Digital, Interscope Records. "Its
beautiful visual format shows what people think is most influential about
them and how they engage in social media. We're excited about how easy it
becomes to learn about the people who engage with our artists in social

    "Kred Story adds a whole new dimension of resonance and relevancy to
social media interactions," said Robert Scoble, Startup Liaison Officer,
Rackspace. "We're now moving beyond scores and data to a point where
people can easily find each other by their passions and what they have in

    "Kred Story is exciting because it doesn't just rely on a number. It goes
much, much deeper than that, allowing any business to evaluate any
potential customer's level of influence on multiple levels, in real
time," said Peter Shankman, Founder, HARO and CEO of The Geek Factory.
"The customer service implications for this are mind-blowing. Kred has
figured out how to make social influence worthwhile and beneficial to
everyone. It's an exciting time."

    "Kred Story is an amazing way to look at a brands social media presence
from a 50,000 feet view and then zero in on the most interesting
details," said Dan Maloney, Global Vice President, eChannel Mobile &
Cloud Sales, SAP. "Its real value to our business is surfacing relevance
and featuring what is important."

    About Kred
 Kred, created by social analytics leader PeopleBrowsr,
measures influence in online communities connected by interests. Kred
celebrates the power of personal influence and generosity at the heart of
human relationships -- tight groups of friends and subject matter
experts. It is the first social scoring system with scores for Influence
and Outreach that value engagement and interaction over follower count.
Kred is based on 1,200 days of social data and offers completely
transparent score calculation.

    For marketers, Kred presents the opportunity to discover trusted, engaged
influencers who can help them spread their message quickly. Kred scores
are free for anyone to view at and are offered as part of
PeopleBrowsr's portfolio of social analytics solutions for marketers,
governments and consumers.

    Learn more at


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