Dentsu Released a Social App for Location Based Food Search for iOS Devices

Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:00am EDT

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Dentsu Released a Social App for Location Based Food Search for iOS Devices

Dentsu released a social app for location based food search for iOS devices.

Image of FoodKing app (Photo: Business Wire)

Image of FoodKing app (Photo: Business Wire)

Recently, there has been a surge in restaurant and food related searches on smartphones and PC. Most are still centered around searching for restaurants in particular, but the newly released FoodKing enables searching for the particular food item of interest in your area, based on your location.

The FoodKing app enables users to uncover food items such as omelets and pasta that might be provided by a Japanese restaurant, with search results based on users' food requests combined with their locations.

Users can also "like" and "comment" on reviews and gather points to become a King of an individual food ranking, providing fun and incentives to enhance the user experience.

This app was released globally so that users can communicate through food reviews throughout the world. Dentsu will be adding new food categories every month so that users can access their more types of food, and also local foods in their countries, based on where the app is downloaded. Additional language support is forthcoming as well; the app currently supports English and Japanese in the interface, and reviews in all languages.

Dentsu plans to develop a food database that can be used worldwide, and build a platform where other companies can provide coupons, incentives and featured dishes.

FoodKing Overview:

FoodKing Functions:

  • Timeline for food reviews
  • Select between showing all reviews or just reviews from users that are being followed
  • Show food reviews on a map based on the individual food items chosen
  • "Like" or add comments to food reviews and accumulate points
  • Become King (or Queen) of a food item by accumulating points
  • Localization of food category page based on the country the app is downloaded
  • Send direct messages to other users
  • Automatically post reviews to Facebook and Twitter

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