Repairs underway at Exelon PA Three Mile Island reactor

Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:10am EDT

Sept 21 (Reuters) - Exelon Corp said it was
conducting repairs on a reactor coolant pump at the 805-megawatt
Unit 1 of its Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in
Pennsylvania, which shut down automatically on Thursday
following a malfunction.
    "The cause of yesterday's shutdown was a problem with a
reactor coolant pump," company spokesman Ralph DeSantis said.
    He did not specify any return date for the unit.
STATE:      Pennsylvania  
COUNTY:     Dauphin  
TOWN:       Middletown about 10 miles (16 km) southeast of  
            Harrisburg, the state capital, on the Susquehanna  
OPERATOR:   Exelon Nuclear  
OWNER(S):   Exelon  
CAPACITY:   805 MW  
UNIT(S):    Unit 1 - 786-MW Babcock and Wilcox pressurized
                     water reactor  
            Unit 2 - 802-MW Babcock and Wilcox pressurized
                     water reactor - owned by FirstEnergy - out
                     of service since the 1979 accident
FUEL:       Nuclear  
Dispatch:   Baseload  
COST:       $400 million for Unit 1  
1968-70 -   General Public Utilities Corp, later named GPU  
            Inc, built the reactors. It was operated by GPU  
            subsidiary Metropolitan Edison Co (Met-Ed)  
1974 -      Unit 1 enters service  
1978 -      Unit 2 enters service  
1979 -      Partial meltdown of Unit 2 - the NRC said the  
            accident did not result in any deaths or injuries  
            to plant workers or the nearby communities. Unit 1  
            was shut for refueling during the accident and was  
            kept shut until 1985  
1985 -      Unit 1 returns to service  
1999 -      GPU sells Unit 1 to AmerGen Energy Corp, a joint  
            venture of Philadelphia Electric Co (PECO Energy)  
            and British Energy Group Plc  
2000 -      PECO Energy and Unicom merged to form Exelon Corp  
2001 -      GPU merged with FirstEnergy  
2003 -      Exelon buys British Energy's stake in AmerGen and  
            transferred it to Exelon Nuclear  
2009 -      NRC extends original 40 year operating license for  
            Unit 1 for another 20 years  
2010 -      NRC said the generator from Unit 2 will be used at  
            Duke Energy's Harris nuclear power plant in  
            North Carolina. The generator weighs 670 tons  
2034 -      Unit 1 license expires