World Maker Faire 2012, Greenest Faire Yet; Shines Spotlight on Sustainability With New and Enhanced On-Site Practices and Makers Specializing in DIY Green, Local, and Upcycled Goods and Skills

Tue Sep 25, 2012 5:34pm EDT

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  QUEENS, NY, Sep 25 (Marketwire) -- 
World Maker Faire will be showcasing its sustainability practices and the
latest in DIY green skills, projects, goods and more, at its upcoming
event on Saturday, Sept. 29 and Sunday, Sept. 30, at the New York Hall of
Science (NYSCI) in Queens, N.Y. As committed as World Maker Faire is to
providing a public platform for the latest technological and scientific
advancements from the maker community, it is equally committed to
reducing its environmental impact.

    World Maker Faire has partnered with GrowNYC, Build It Green!NYC, and NYC
Compost Project Local Organics Recovery Program (a program of Build It
Green!NYC) to increase the awareness of and opportunity for waste
reduction at the event as well as educating makers and attendees alike
about these efforts. Compost and recycling bins will be abundant at the
event alongside GrowNYC's brigade of volunteers who will educate
attendees on what can be composted or recycled, resulting in a
significant reduction of waste headed to a landfill. 

    "We love the DIY, low-impact renaissance we're seeing across the city,"
said Marcel Van Ooyen, executive director of nonprofit GrowNYC. "New
Yorkers care about the lifecycle of what they use: how it's made, how
long it lasts, and how it's disposed of. We're teaching people to keep as
much stuff out of the landfill as possible, and events like World Maker
Faire and our own free Stop 'N' Swaps give people a chance to think about
new ways to use what's already out there." 

    Build It Green!NYC will be working with makers to collect materials that
can be upcycled or reused in an effort to keep these items out of the
landfill. In addition, World Maker Faire is using materials for promoting
and constructing the event that can be reused or recycled along with
providing opportunities for makers to engage in these efforts. For
example, all food makers at the event can offload their used cooking oil
to Tri-State Biodiesel to convert it into biodiesel, a renewable source
of energy. And, the NYC Compost Project Local Organics Recovery Program
will be on-hand all weekend to collect food scraps and turn them into
nutrient-rich compost, reducing the methane gas production of such waste
in a landfill.

    As part of a quest to shave down landfills, Schick(R) Xtreme3(R) brand
teamed up with MAKE Magazine to launch Project ReMAKE, a contest that
invited makers to share creative ways to reuse everyday objects. The
Schick Xtreme3 Eco razor was designed for maximum sustainability with a
handle and packaging made of 100% post-consumer waste. Rescuing 118,000
pounds of waste in the first year of Eco's production, the Schick Xtreme3
brand set out to turn shaving into an act of good and invited consumers
to do the same. At World Maker Faire, Schick Xtreme3 will celebrate the
winning Project ReMAKE submission, a vehicle transformed by maker Lynne
Perera to use waste vegetable oil as fuel. Visitors will also be able to
interact with materials from different stages of the Eco razor production
and enter to win an up-cycled workbench created by eco-conscious
celebrities Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse.

    In addition to World Maker Faire's elevated commitment to reducing its
environmental footprint and educating its community about sustainability
practices, the event will host many makers and presentations focused on
DIY green, local, upcycled, and recycled projects and skills. Learning
opportunities for attendees range from creating treasures out of trash to
gaining skills that support individual and community sustainability
efforts. Several highlights include:

--  Home-Scale Biodiesel Production: Ben Jorritsma and Bruce Fletcher will
    demonstrate how to convert used cooking oil into fuel for use in
    unmodified diesel engines, modified heating oil burners, and tuned
    turbine engines. Faire goers can learn from Ben and Bruce how to craft
    their own processor using commonly available hardware.
--  GLANK music!: See unique instruments make from "found objects" like
    saw blades, propane tanks, auto parts, and simple household objects.
    The folks from GLANK will demonstrate how these instruments are made,
    and show kids and parents how they can make simple percussion
    instruments using found and recycled materials.
--  DontFlushMe from Parsons Presents: Created as a means to better
    understand the complexities of the NYC sewer system, DontFlushMe
    utilizes a network of Arduino-based sensors, communication tools, and
    visualization devices to give NYC residents real-time status of the
    NYC sewer system. The goal of DontFlushMe is to encourage residents to
    conserve water at critical times to increase the overall health of
    local waterways.
--  Creating an Urban Tiny House Community: The founders of Boneyard
    Studios in Washington, DC, will talk about their attempt to create the
    model of the first tiny house on wheels community in the nation and
    their adventures with city planning officials, utility companies,
    supportive and hostile neighbors, architects, builders, and other
    folks in DC who are creatively tackling urban infill and sustainable,
    affordable housing. Attendees will hear Boneyard Studios' discoveries
    about city codes, planning, and building and discuss what needs to
    happen in large metropolitan areas to allow for more creative,
    small-scale and flexible housing and communities.
--  Trashion Workshop: Patti Robinson mixes trash with high fashion to
    create truly fashionable Trashion in collaborative workshops.
    Attendees can make a unique, fun, and wearable accessory while
    visiting Trashion.
--  Worm Bins Made Easy: The NYC Compost Project in Queens will teach the
    essentials of indoor composting with worms, ideal for those who want
    to compost food scraps but do not have access to an outdoor space. The
    demonstration will include how to set up a simple worm bin for home,
    office, or classroom indoor composting.
--  Skraptacular: Skraptacular raises eco-awareness by working with
    children and communities to transform trash into art and science. At
    World Maker Faire, attendees can help Skraptacular create a bicycle
    powered "waterfall," build a community sculpture, or make-and-take
    adornments -- all from trash.
--  Garden Gadgets - Design & Technology Workshops for Green
    Infrastructures: Folks from The Pratt Institute's Programs for
    Sustainable Planning & Development will present their first DIY
    environmental monitoring workshop results, and future ideas on green
    infrastructure community workshops that support on-campus design
--  Bicycle-Powered Water Pump For Rainwater Harvesting: Lenny Librizzi of
    GrowNYC has designed and built a bicycle-powered water pump from a
    bike trainer and other off-the-shelf parts. His display includes a
    pegboard rainwater harvesting system with a 50 gallon recycled plastic
    barrel and he'll talk with attendees about how he devised this system
    and how they can, too.
--  General Motors Company: General Motors Company, a Coppersmith Sponsor
    of World Maker Faire, will have two cars on display: an EN-V, the
    electric car of the future, and a SPARK mini car. Attendees will be
    able to get up close and personal with these two new vehicles.


Schedules for all World Maker Faire presentations, workshops, and
panel discussions can be found at A list of makers
exhibiting at World Maker Faire can be found at

    World Maker Faire is sponsored by RadioShack, Cognizant, Atmel, Red Bull,
Disney, Time Warner Cable, ASUS, Autodesk, Crayola, Delta Faucet, Epilog
Laser, Schick Xtreme3 Eco, ShopBot Tools, SketchUp, and General Motors

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