Sourcefire Next-Generation Firewall Sets New Standard for Security Effectiveness in NSS Labs Product Analysis

Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:00am EDT

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  COLUMBIA, MD, Oct 15 (Marketwire) -- 
Sourcefire, Inc. (NASDAQ: FIRE), a leader in intelligent cybersecurity
solutions, today announced that its FirePOWER(TM) appliance excelled in
the most recent NSS Labs independent Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)
product analysis -- the industry's most rigorous NGFW testing available
to date. The FirePOWER 8250 NGFW sets a new standard for security
effectiveness, protecting against 99 percent of all attacks and
demonstrating superior performance and total cost of ownership.

    "To meet today's security challenges, firewalls need to evolve into
'next-generation' firewalls that combine legacy firewall capabilities
with intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and incorporate advanced
application and user awareness and control to enable the creation of
granular security policies capable of operating in a Web 2.0 world," said
Bob Walder, Chief Research Officer of NSS Labs. 

    Also according to NSS Labs, "Networks looking to update their defenses
with a Next-Generation Firewall would do well to consider Sourcefire's
entry into the NGFW market as a solid contender."

    Highlights of the NSS Labs independent NGFW product analysis of the
FirePOWER 8250 NGFW include:

--  99% protection against all attacks
--  99% protection against attacks on client applications
--  100% firewall enforcement
--  100% application control
--  100% identity/user awareness
--  10 Gbps for real-world traffic throughput (100 percent of
    vendor-stated performance)
--  15M concurrent connections, the maximum allowed by NSS Labs testing
--  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of $33 per Mbps protected


Sourcefire FirePOWER network security appliances are the foundation
for Sourcefire's entire portfolio of network security solutions. This
universal platform enables customers to seamlessly transition from a
Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS) to NGIPS with Application Control to a NGFW.
Building on its industry-leading NGIPS (based on NSS Labs' April 2012
independent IPS tests and 2012 Security Value Map for IPS), Sourcefire
offers the only NGFW with integrated NGIPS. 

    "These test results further demonstrate Sourcefire's consistent delivery
of the best protection, while meeting or exceeding performance
expectations, and validate our innovative, powerful platform approach to
network security," said Martin Roesch, founder, CTO and interim CEO of
Sourcefire. "By pioneering the most effective security protection
available, we've enabled our customers to see, control and protect all of
their assets in their dynamic threat and IT environments, all while being
mindful of budget and resource constraints."

    Individual Test Report Available Now
 The Sourcefire Product Analysis
Report (PAR) from NSS Labs on the FirePOWER 8250 NGFW can be downloaded

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    About Sourcefire
 Sourcefire, Inc. (NASDAQ: FIRE), a world leader in
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more than 10 years, Sourcefire has been consistently recognized for its
innovation and industry leadership with numerous patents, world-class
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