Analyst Opinion on Boise Inc. and International Paper Co. - Paper & Paper Products Companies Striving to Improve

Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:19am EDT

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  LONDON, Oct 29 (Marketwire) -- 
The paper & paper products industry, which features companies such as
International Paper Co. and Boise Inc., is facing several challenges of
late. Subdued consumer spending continues to persist in a number of
developed markets, which has made it difficult to grow packaging sales in
some cases. is unswerving when it comes teaching the new and
pro traders on how to take the helm in a market environment that has been
seeing waves upon waves of changes and reap the rewards of participating
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    In an attempt to improve bottom-lines, several companies have been
focusing on cost-cutting initiatives. For some this has meant shuttering
mill operations that are less economically sound. Boise is a good example
of a company looking to stream-line operations, as it recently announced
that it will be closing its last paper machine at its St. Helens paper
mill. The company stated that the machine cannot compete in the market
place for the long-term. Analyst opinion on Boise Inc. accessible for
free at

    Elsewhere in the industry, companies have been looking to acquisitions
and partnerships to grow their market share. This approach has certainly
been adhered to by International Paper, as the company has made a number
of acquisitions of late, and is also using joint ventures to grow
internationally. Most recently the company stated that it has entered
into an agreement to form a joint venture with Jari Celulose, Embalagens
e Papel S/A. See what our analysts have to say on International Paper Co.
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