UPDATE 1-Dominion reduces output of Millstone 3 reactor - NRC

Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:20pm EDT

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Oct 29 (Reuters) - Dominion Resources Inc reduced the
1,233-megawatt (MW) Unit 3 at the Millstone nuclear power plant
in Connecticut to about 75 percent as a precaution due to high
intake water levels from Hurricane Sandy, the U.S. Nuclear
Regulatory Commission said.
    The unit had been operating at full power earlier Monday.
    Nuclear power plants routinely reduce power as part of their
normal operating procedures when conditions like high water
levels are possible.    
    Unit 2 at Millstone had shut by Oct. 9 for a planned
refueling which was expected to last about a month.
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STATE:      Connecticut          
COUNTY:     New London          
TOWN:       Waterford about 50 miles (80 km) southeast of       
            Hartford, the state capital         
OPERATOR:   Dominion Nuclear          
OWNER(S):   Unit 2 - Dominion Resources Inc (100 pct)         
            Unit 3 - Dominion Resources Inc (93.47 pct)         
                   - Mass. Municipal Wholesale Elec. (4.8 pct)  
                   - Central Vermont Public Service (1.73 pct)  
CAPACITY:   2,102 MW     
UNIT(S):    2 - 869-MW Combustion Engineering pressurized       
            3 - 1,233-MW Westinghouse pressurized water         
FUEL:       Nuclear         
DISPATCH:   Baseload         
COST:       Unit 2 - $424 million         
            Unit 3 - $3.77 billion

1966 -      Unit 1 - a 660-MW General Electric boiling water    
            reactor - construction permit issued          
1970 -      Unit 1 enters commercial service         
1970 -      Unit 2 construction permit issued         
1974 -      Unit 3 construction permit issued         
1975 -      Unit 2 enters commercial service         
1986 -      Unit 3 enters commercial service          
1998 -      Unit 1 retired         
2001 -      Dominion buys station from Northeast Utilities and  
            others as part of the deregulation of the New       
            England power markets         
2005 -      NRC renews 40-year licenses for additional 20       
2009 -      NRC approves uprate to increase Unit 3 output by 7  
            percent to about 1,230 MW          
2035 -      Unit 2 extended operating license expires         
2045 -      Unit 3 extended operating license expires
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