Financial Review on Basic Materials Stocks Monsanto Co. and Rentech Nitrogen Partners L.P. -- Agricultural Chemicals Look Strong Moving Forward

Fri Nov 2, 2012 8:00am EDT

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  NEW DELHI, INDIA, Nov 02 (Marketwire) -- 
The agricultural chemicals industry has been facing its fair share of
headwinds recently. Lower prices for certain chemicals have weighed on
top- and bottom-line and uneven global demand has also kept select
companies from posting stellar quarterly results. However, there are a
number of positive market fundamentals working in favor of the industry
and companies such as Monsanto Co. and Rentech Nitrogen Partners L.P. The
Agricultural Chemicals industry has seen the above updates lately. And
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    The growing global population has been straining food supplies for years
now, and as the population continues to grow, demand for improved food
production, and thus agricultural chemicals is poised to increase. The
swelling ranks of middle-class citizens in countries such as China, India
and Brazil could also benefit the industry as their population's
appetites evolve to include more meat. Industry players have also been
seeing strong demand levels from North America and Latin America.
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    Earnings season is in full swing, and investors have been able to take a
closer look at individual companies such Monsanto Co. which releases it
Q4 results at the beginning of October. With more earnings reports set to
be released over the coming weeks it will be interesting to see which
agricultural chemical companies have outperformed their peers. Rentech
Nitrogen Partners L.P. announced that it will hold its 2012 third quarter
conference call on Thursday, November 8, 2012. posted
financial analysis on Rentech Nitrogen Partners L.P. today, members can
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