Oracle's "Designing an M2M Platform for the Connected World" Report: Companies Extending the Use of M2M Data to Increase Opportunity and Intelligence Across the Enterprise

Mon Nov 5, 2012 8:00am EST

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    News Facts

--  Today, Oracle announced the results of its "Designing an M2M Platform
    for the Connected World" research, examining the evolving drivers
    behind 'Machine to Machine' (M2M) projects and how those changes are
    impacting solution requirements.
--  The research, which was produced by M2M analyst experts Beecham
    Research on behalf of Oracle, provides a qualitative assessment of
    solution requirements across the M2M value chain. Participants
    included end-users, major product OEMs, systems integrators, mobile
    network operators and M2M platform providers in North America, Europe
    and Asia Pacific.
--  The research found that M2M data from remotely located assets and
    devices in the field is increasingly being used more broadly for
    strategic purposes and value creation throughout the enterprise. It
    has also become a means for creating new market opportunities while
    providing a competitive advantage for enterprise users in their own
    key markets.
--  Other key findings included an increased focus on leveraging the cloud
    and managing data security in M2M initiatives, as more information is
    integrated and shared across departments and business functions.
--  To access the full report, please visit here.


M2M Data Becoming Increasingly Critical Across the Enterprise

--  The research found that the main drivers behind M2M projects are
    evolving, with 75 percent of participants noting that enabling new
    services and revenue streams is fuelling M2M projects.
--  While leveraging M2M data in operations is still key, the research
    found a growing interest among adopters in using M2M data for
    strategic decision making, providing feedback on product and services
    performance in the field, and tailoring products and services to meet
    specific customer needs.
--  85 percent of users said an increased focus on better managing large
    volumes of M2M generated data is necessary to address performance and
    costs issues, especially as applications, such as smart meters and
    automotive telematics/automotive diagnostics systems, are generating
    increased volumes of data.
--  The use of Complex Event Processing (CEP) with M2M data will also
    provide users with the real-time intelligence they need to take
    immediate action on pre-determined factors. 65 percent of respondents
    saw high value in the CEP opportunity, both for B2B and especially
    B2B2C next generation applications.
    --  This could include situations where several data sources
        contribute to a decision process without human intervention, such
        as reflecting weather conditions in agriculture management to
        trigger automatic irrigation or powering real-time human behavior
        profiling and facial recognition alerts for security applications.
--  Increasing reliance on M2M data and tighter integration with other IT
    systems resulted in 80 percent of respondents noting that minimizing
    downtime in M2M has become critically important.


Other Key Findings

--  Securing M2M Data is Critical: The increasing value, as well as volume
    of data, means that storing, managing, securing and analyzing data
    from connected devices is becoming mission critical within
    organizations. As such, leading implementation priorities have now
    --  Ensuring end-to-end security indicated by 60 percent of
    --  Integration with IT, indicated by 50 percent of participants.
    --  Coordinating partners in an increasingly complex value chain,
        indicated by 45 percent of participants.
--  Powering M2M Solutions in the Cloud Reduces Cost and Complexity:
    Leveraging the cloud was noted as key in M2M projects, as it greatly
    reduces the cost and complexity of delivering M2M solutions. In fact,
    90 percent of respondents noted the cloud as being "vitally important"
    to M2M initiatives.
--  Platform Standardization Growing in Importance: 50 percent of those
    surveyed noted they see the advantages of having the same software
    development environment and programming language, such as Java, across
    all components of an M2M solution.


Supporting Quotes

--  "Cheaper, more powerful devices and low cost mobile network
    connectivity are driving an explosion in the number of connected
    devices and the data generated by them. The "Designing an M2M Platform
    for the Connected World" research shows a shift in focus towards
    extracting value from that data and capitalizing on new business
    models which are enabled by the pervasion of connected devices," said
    Chris Baker, senior vice president ISV, OEM and Java Sales, Oracle
    Alliances & Channels. "From Java on the devices to Oracle
    Engineered Systems in the datacenter, Oracle's end-to-end M2M platform
    can simplify the process of collecting, storing, managing and
    analyzing the data collected by connected devices, while minimizing
    storage costs and helping ensure the integrity and security of data."
--  "The substantial growth prospects for the M2M market can only be
    achieved through successful deployment of M2M solutions end-to-end,
    many of which are complex," said Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO of Beecham
    Research. "This research helps to confirm the real trends under way
    for solution requirements in the M2M market, including the growing
    business-to-business-to- consumer opportunity, and how these can best
    be supported."
--  "Our customers use the SeeControl Nexus Cloud to design and launch
    unique M2M-based businesses across multiple verticals. Due to our
    exclusive use of Oracle technologies -- from device to data center --
    they are confident in getting to market fast and evolving these novel
    M2M services as they get feedback. And, customers know our cloud
    offers the highest levels of enterprise grade security, scalability
    and performance," Bryan Kester, CEO, SeeControl.


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