Analyst Opinion on Liberty Interactive Corp. and E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. - Catalog & Mail Order Houses Poised for Growth

Wed Nov 7, 2012 8:00am EST

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  LONDON, Nov 07 (Marketwire) -- 
The catalog & mail order houses industry, which includes companies such
as Liberty Interactive Corporation and E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc.,
currently has a lot to look forward to. Improved consumer confidence in
the U.S. together with a growing number of middle-class citizens in
emerging markets such as China augur well for the industry, and the
upcoming holiday season as well as Black Friday could also provide a
boost. is unswerving when it comes teaching the new and
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    With customers more willing to spend, companies have been doing what they
can to take advantage of the upswing. Some have been launching new online
stores, while others have been releasing new products. A growing number
of online shoppers is also a plus, and with the proliferation of
smartphones and tablets, online retailers are seeing even more web
traffic. Analyst opinion on Liberty Interactive Corporation accessible
for free at

    On the foreign front, a swelling number of internet users in China are
driving sales for a slew of online companies. Internet penetration rates
continue to rise, and online shopping is growing in popularity. Several
companies have been taking steps to grow their presence in China, and
those that can successfully bolster operations there could be in-line for
significant gains. See what our analysts have to say on E-Commerce China
Dangdang Inc. Follow the Link below

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