Son of Holy Family Hospital patient who died wants Steward Health Care System of Boston investigated by Feds

Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:26am EST

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Helen Bousquet at center of investigation into The Holy Family Hospital, pictured with her son, singer Brian Evans

The son of Helen Marie Bousquet, who passed away on October 5th, has made it clear to federal investigators that he wants The Holy Family Hospital and Steward Health Care System investigated "to the full extent of the law."

Bousquet passed away when she went into cardiac arrest without anyone in the hospital knowing about it, as she was placed in an unmonitored recovery room following knee replacement surgery...despite their knowing she suffered from a heart condition, sleep apnea, was fifty pounds overweight due to her inability to walk on her knee, while dosed out on morphine. She'd also been throwing up all day.

"The people at Holy Family Hospital apparently need an explosion in the room to occur before realizing they need to keep an eye on somebody," says her son, Brian Evans.

"I blame myself for this happening. I trusted my mother when she said she trusted her doctor's, and I was wrong to," says Evans. "I tried to get her to go to a Boston hospital, but she said I was pressuring her. Note to all adult children of older parents...drag them to Boston if you have to. Handcuff them. Do not make the mistake I did by allowing this to happen. Pressure your parents if it takes tying them to you."

Evans has filed a criminally negligent homicide police report with Methuen Police. Methuen Police and Essex County District Attorney John Dawley say they will await Board of Medicine findings prior to taking any action.

"They have subpoena power, and it's my hope that they will use it," says Evans. "They don't have to wait for me, but I'm certainly not going to wait for them either," says Evans, who also filed complaints with the Department of Justice, the Attorney General Martha Coakley, and the FBI.

"The protocol, in my opinion, is cold hard cash. No matter what happens in a hospital, the hospital never loses. The cash register never stops. However, I do hope they don't expect to make a dime off of what they did to my mother, because that isn't going to happen," says Evans.

"This is not some mistake. My mother's life was taken. She went into that hospital hoping to be able to do one thing she loved to do that her knee didn't allow her to: go dancing again. Instead, I was spreading her ashes out to sea in Hampton Beach. That's what dealing with Steward Health Care System's Holy Family Hospital got my mother," says Evans.

"This isn't a case of a son being angry that his mother died and looking for someone to blame. In this situation, there is someone to blame, and it's The Holy Family Hospital and the protocols in place that apparently say you are supposed to ignore a patients pre-existing conditions after a major surgery when sticking them in a recovery room unmonitored. These people are imbeciles, in my opinion. Total imbeciles," says Evans.

"These companies just look to attack the attacker. They take zero responsibility and just try to justify whatever it is they do, as evident by what me, my family, and my friends witnessed with our own eyes," he says. "There is simply zero excuse, though they'll likely try to create them, to putting a woman in my mother's condition in an unmonitored recovery room unless you just do not give a damn. They could have billed my mother's insurance for the monitoring...but in my opinion, there is simply more money to be made in the ICU than there is in the recovery room. Otherwise, why would you possibly put a woman in my mother's known pre-existing condition into an unmonitored room. Give me one reason. Their lawyers will likely attempt to come up with a dozen, because that's what they do."

"They don't treat trauma, they cause it, in my opinion."

Steward Health Care System is owned by Cereberus Capital Management, a private equity company.

"What private equity company do you know of that seeks to do anything but make money," says Evans. "This is all my opinion, and I have a right to it. My mother died because The Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, Massachusetts weren't paying attention to what they are supposed to be doing in a damn hospital. Treating people, not acting like the patients are a pain in the ass, which my mother called me the day she died to advise me."

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