Early Interest in New '13' Number Plates Hints at a Popular Release

Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:00pm EST

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Ahead of the 1st March 2013 display date for the new '13' car
registrations, it is possible to place advance orders for these number
plates http://www.regtransfers.co.uk/main/numberplates.asp now. The
official release date is 4th December, and the number plates may not
actually be displayed on on-the-road vehicles until March, but many
people are placing their advance orders early in a bid to avoid

    Regtransfers.co.uk's marketing manager, Angela Banh said, "The level of
interest in new releases is always high, but with the '13' combinations
offering such good opportunities to represent words, we are seeing more
advance orders than we expected. No doubt the best ones will go pretty

    The number 13 can be used in car number plates to represent the letter B,
the combinations LE, LB, IE and IB, and many more. The number of names
and words that are thus made available is considerable, and possibilities
range from names such as Coburn (CO13 URN), Hubert (HU13 ERT), Asbury
(AS13 URY), Hobart (HO13 ART), Etienne (ET13 NNE), Dr Barr (DR 13 ARR),
Ms Bell (MS13 ELL) and Ms BALL (MS13 ALL) to humorous and unusual
representations such as Mr Bean (MR13 EAN) and Baboon (BA13 OON). 

    "Visually, the '13' release is likely to provide some of the strongest
and most easily recognisable representations we have seen for some time,"
Angela says. 

    "Investing in a bespoke registration plate is a great way of
personalising a new vehicle, whether for business purposes or personal
reasons. As we've seen, there are some great numbers to choose from that
incorporate 13. People can search now to see what's available, and they
can place advance orders to give themselves the best possible chance of
securing the new plate of their choice." 

    The DVLA number plates available from Regtransfers can be searched and
ordered via its website. Only one plate of each combination is available
so drivers are advised to apply early. The '13' registrations may only be
assigned to vehicles registered after 1st March 2013, or alternatively,
registrations may be held on a certificate of entitlement ready for later
transfer to a suitable vehicle. 

    For more information about buying or selling registrations, or for
assistance in creating personalised number plates
http://www.regtransfers.co.uk/main/personalised_number_plates.asp call
01582 967777 or visit www.regtransfers.co.uk. 

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