How to Save Money on Your Fuel Bills This Winter

Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:30am EST

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With winter knocking on our doors, and the current state of the UK's
economy it's time to start looking at how to save money on your energy
bills for 2012/2013.

    First Utility's iSave v12 tariff has managed to beat companies such as
Sainsbury's Energy and nPower's tariffs to take one of the top spots on's list of 'Best Buy' plans. This means that customers looking
to compare gas and electricity prices can rest assured that with this
tariff they'll be saving the household quite a bit of cash. 

    Here's how much money can be saved:

--  iSave v12(i): Saving UK consumers up to GBP 221(ii) on average per year
    on their standard dual fuel tariff 

    Thanks to this great tariff, First Utility is now leading the way in
energy saving for UK residents looking to reduce their bills.

    About First Utility 

    First Utility is the UK's largest independent utilities supplier,
offering both electricity and gas services to their valued customers; be
they home users or commercial organisations. First Utility is the only
energy provider to provide smart meters to all their UK customers. It is
through the use of smart metering technology that First Utility enables
consumers to measure and control their energy consumption and payments. 

    If you're interested in keeping warm this winter paying less for your
energy then take a look at First Utility's new iSave v12 tariff online. 

    Despite some First Utility complaints in the past, now positive First
Utility reviews are being received from the likes of, and thanks to their new tariff and commitment
to improve customer service. 

    (i) iSave v 12 is now only available by purchasing online at

    (ii) Savings comparison correct as of October 2012 

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