RPT-Argentina playing last cards in court battle with bondholders

Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:06am EST

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Danielmontero wrote:
“About 93 percent of bondholders agreed in 2005 and 2010 to swap defaulted debt from the 2002 default for new paper at a steep discount.”

It is a rape?
It is a negotiation?The 93 % adreed?
It is a steal?

I remember some movies where a man (big and strong) put a knife in a women´s neck looking for sex
It was very interesting because if the women stand still it was not a rape (she collaborated???)
But if she did not collaborate she would be kill!! (And there “yes “it was rape and almost always a murdered)
Another thing I heard was that if she was going to be raped and she begged to the rapist to use a condom “it was not a rape”
Then if she fights….YES it was a rape and maybe she can get a mortal disease
Luckily in this case the law change for good!

With the bondholders is the same, we don´t have a chance, is not a deal. Governments are putting a gun in our chest. In my case (Ecuador bondholder)they make laws to not pay,they said that the bonds are illegal, they threaten us to change the indenture if we don’t sell our bonds to Ecuador ,President Correa said he was going to denounce the bondholder of the bonds who didn´t sell to Ecuador
I am sick, without medical assistance, feeding poorly, in the last years. So how many persons had “sell “in this conditions”.So we can´t said that 93% of the holders agreed to sell at 30%
That was a steal!!!

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Danielmontero wrote:
I could not even make a denunciation! I don´t know how..
I send 4 e mail to the USA embassy of Brasil and 4 to the USA consulate asking how can I do a denunciation against President Correa or Ecuador.They not even answer (they send an automatic-reply that said I would receive an answer in 2 days (it has been more than month and nothing,)
Also I send a denunciation to the Stock Exchange (the same no answer)
I was in contact with more than 10 lawyers and anyone is interest in my case
My story
I sell all my things in Uruguay and bought Ecuador Global Bonds 2012 and 2030,to came to live in Rio de Janeiro Brasil (I bought this Bonds before the default 2007 and 2008 at more than 100% of the price)
It happen that in 2008 Correa (President of Ecuador )said that this bond were illegal, immoral, illegitimate and he was not going to pay anything.
Correa also threatened to start me a trial for me to have those bonds (If I dont sell my bonds)
Amazingly afterwards he said,that he was going to bought that Bonds at 30% of the price,because the total was not illegal (in my opinión this was a manipulation of de market)
I consider that if they are illegal not to pay them, but if they are legal to pay all agreed(and if Ecuador bought he legalized the Ecuador Bonds). That is why I did not “sold” at 30% of its value

Until today, Ecuador has stopped paying or making any comments.
So he stole my money
I don t have money to work in my import company,and as I dont speak a good Portugues ,I am working as an “extra”in the television

I am a seek person how needs monthly exames of blood,but as I dont have mony I have been 4 years with out a blood exame.
I didnt make a prostate exame etc etc I cant pay a health plan
I am lucky to be alive..If I were dead by blood problems Ecuador would be guilty. So I thought maybe one of those Argentine or Italian outhoulder who died (as lawyer Anthony Costantini told)could have been killed by Argentine

I would love to have another son (I have only one( 2 years,) and she would be alone soon, I am 50 year old and my wife is 40

I tray to denounce Ecuador, I contact the embassy but until today they didnt unwser me( I send 4 e mails)

The same happend with the NY |Stock Exchange

I am traying to Litigate but Lawyers are not interest because I have only 475 000 U$$ (nominal bonds)(I contact 10 lawyers)
I can t pay a lawyer
So please dear reporters do not say that 93% has agreed!!
And then sell or die?
In my opinion this guverment are not volture they are ASSASSINS!
Do not fotget that both countrys pay until the last cent to the FMI 100% so why they pay only 30% to the holders?
Very happy than in the USA the law is the law

And judge are honest an courage

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