Math 1-2-3® Announces "Legacy of Success" Quarter Million Dollar Math Tutoring Membership

Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:15am EST

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Math 1-2-3® Announces “Legacy of Success” Quarter Million Dollar Math Tutoring Membership

$250K “Legacy of Success” touted as “The Best Holiday Gift Ever—15 years of Math Tutoring for Your Kids and Grandkids”

Math 1-2-3, Specialists in Math Tutoring and Test Preparation, announced its new Quarter Million Dollar Math Tutoring “Legacy of Success.” Since 1995, the master tutors of Math 1-2-3® have worked with thousands of students in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas.

The Math 1-2-3® “Legacy of Success” provides for up to 250 hours of tutoring per year for 15 years—up to 3,750 total hours of tutoring that can be spread among all of a family’s children, shared with friends, or donated to families who find tutoring to be cost-prohibitive. Tutoring is available in a student’s home or by Distance Learning (phone, or online whiteboard).

Instead of handing down an inheritance that might be squandered or looted by taxes, Math 1-2-3 encourages its clients to provide for a “Legacy of Success” for their descendants. Math 1-2-3 founder Mark Kronenberg suggested: “Clients inclined to reallocate assets may want to consult their tax advisors in order to justify a $250,000 payment to a trust fund that is earmarked for educational expenses. Rather than giving your children a $250,000 cash gift that might quickly disappear in the VIP area of a night club, give them a Lifetime VIP math tutoring membership that will pay dividends throughout their lives.”

More about Math 1-2-3

On January 1, 2013, Math 1-2-3 will celebrate its 18th anniversary. Math 1-2-3 has been recommended by parents, by the learning specialists in Manhattan’s prep schools, and by professional college admissions consultants. Math 1-2-3 is a premium private home tutoring and test preparation service that specializes in all levels of mathematics: elementary through college-level calculus. In addition to tutoring for math classes in school, Math 1-2-3 offers tutoring for the math portions of all standardized tests—most often for the GMAT and the SAT.

Notable to Math 1-2-3 is its commitment to quality control: “I personally interview every prospective tutor. We have a requirement that no other company in the tutoring & test prep field has: we only interview those with a math degree and at least five years of post-collegiate tutoring experience,” Kronenberg stated. During the assessment process, prospective Math 1-2-3 tutors are subjected to a battery of challenging questions. In addition to demonstrating mastery in all levels of math, tutors are expected to clearly explain concepts and to have a personality that builds rapport with students. Recruiting prospects include top-notch teachers and others with 5 to 30 years of tutoring experience and strong math backgrounds (e.g., engineers, math professors, architects, actuaries, and accountants).

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