Momentum Dynamics Charges Chevrolet Volt -- Wirelessly

Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:21am EST

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Momentum Dynamics Corporation (MD) announced today that it has
successfully charged the General Motors (NYSE: GM) Chevrolet Volt with
its innovative wireless charging technology at the full power capacity of
the vehicle. This is a significant technical accomplishment, due to the
complexity of the Volt, and a major milestone in the development of
wireless charging as a crucial enabler for the widespread acceptance of
electric vehicles (EVs).

    The Momentum Dynamics wireless charger delivers more than 20,000 watts of
power from the electrical grid to the electric vehicle, far more than can
be provided by conventional Level 2 (240 volts) plug-in chargers, which
are typically restricted to 3,300 watts maximum. Higher power potentially
allows greatly reduced vehicle charging times. The technology uses a
simple receiving pad installed on the underside of a vehicle, and a
transmitting pad placed on, or embedded into the road surface.

    "Momentum Dynamics has surprised many people in the industry by the
amount of power that can be safely delivered without the use of cables,
and by its low cost relative to plug-in chargers," said company CEO and
co-inventor Andy Daga.

    Daga said he believes that Momentum's technology will spur EV adoption,
because future owners of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles will
demand the safety and all-weather automatic operation of wireless
charging at an affordable cost. By contrast to plug-in chargers, wireless
systems operate in all weather conditions, are immune to vandalism, and
operate automatically.

    "We do for EV charging what systems like E-ZPass® have done for automated
toll collection -- except in this case it's about more than reducing toll
gate congestion -- we are actually enabling the growth of an
international industry," said Daga.

    Daga said the industry is rapidly moving toward a new generation of
increasingly capable EVs and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), as
was most recently demonstrated with the introduction of many new electric
models at the 2012 L.A. Auto Show. "The EV industry is finding its legs,
and what is needed now is some old-fashioned American ingenuity to allow
this industry to really expand," he said. 

    Daga further explained that the primary emphasis of his company has been
high-power wireless charging for the demanding commercial EV market.
Charging the Volt represents a scaling back of Momentum's technology to
the more modest power requirements of passenger EVs. 

    "This was a bit of a diversion for us, but we proved to the industry that
wireless charging can be rather easily integrated into current production
EVs. Nevertheless, our mission remains focused on the larger commercial
vehicles where the economics of reducing fuel costs for fleet operators
by more than 85% are clear and compelling," said Daga.

    The company has completed stringent testing on the transmitter and
receiver configurations in its lab outside of Philadelphia, PA, proving
its system safe and reliable. Several planned field trials with the
participation of key strategic partners are scheduled to begin in early
2013. According to Daga, the company expects to be providing wireless
charging rates in excess of 60,000 watts (60 kW) to targeted advanced
commercial electric vehicles in the coming year.

    About Momentum Dynamics Corporation:
Momentum Dynamics is a wireless power electronics company committed to
developing the technology and the business structures for wireless
charging for the transportation and industrial markets. The company was
formed in 2009 and has specialized in high-power wireless charging using
resonant magnetic induction to transfer tens of thousands of watts of
power without a direct conductive connection. 

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