TAKE-A-LOOK-Connecticut school shooting rampage

Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:27am EST

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Authorities continue to investigate the Dec. 14 massacre in Connecticut in which
a heavily armed gunman entered an elementary school and shot and killed 20
children and six adults. The incident, resulting in 28 deaths, including the
gunman and his mother, has prompted a fresh debate on U.S. gun control. For full
coverage, please double click on the codes in brackets:
> Newtown students return to classes after school massacre      
> Cerberus to sell gunmaker Freedom Group after shootings       
> First funerals for Newtown victims, schools confront tragedy  
> Obama holds White House talks on how to respond to massacre   
> Even without Congress, Obama could act to restrict guns       
> Pro-gun Democrats shift stance on assault weapons, NRA silent 
> ANALYSIS-inspired Obama wants to target gun violence, but how? 
> Hollywood quiet so far on gun control after Connecticut       
> After school shooting, more Americans back tough gun laws     
> Connecticut governor told parents their children killed       
> Democrats vow push for gun control measures in US Congress    
> Newtown residents say "enough is enough" after tragedy        
> Educators on edge as children go back to school in U.S.       
> Connecticut survivors to attend school in neighboring town    
> Connecticut shooter carried hundreds of rounds -police        
> Pope voices pain over "senseless violence" in Connecticut     
> Calif. teacher  pension reviews private equity gun investment 

> Gun control movement tries to shed vote-losing reputation     
> Children in Connecticut rampage, all 6 or 7, shot repeatedly  
> Connecticut massacre shatters way of life in quiet town       
> Some Democrats call for gun control after massacre            
> Obama urges solidarity as America mourns shooting victims     
> Slain Connecticut principal worked hard to promote school     
> Tales of heroism emerge from 'evil' school shooting           
> Young man returns to US elementary school as mass killer      
> Connecticut school couldn't have prevented shooting -experts  
> Iran, other countries horrified by Connecticut massacre       
> Gun rampage in Connecticut: 28 dead, with 20 school children  
> Tearful Obama calls for action after school shooting          
> Another school massacre pressures Obama on U.S. gun control   
> Profile of weapon used in Connecticut massacre                
> Identities of Connecticut shooting victims                    
> Major shooting incidents in the United States                 
> Worst shooting incidents globally                             
> U.S. shooting incidents in 2012
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