VoiceBox Technologies Announces VBTV for Smart TVs

Tue Jan 8, 2013 10:58pm EST

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Award-winning, Patented Company Technology Drives a Uniquely Compelling User
LAS VEGAS--(Business Wire)--
VoiceBox Technologies Corp., the award-winning innovator of Voice Personal
Assistant applications built on its patented Conversational Voice Search, today
announced the launch of VBTV. VBTV allows consumers to effectively control their
smart TVs and search for content using their voice. VBTV will be showcased at
CES with partner product launch announcements to follow. 

"Our patented technology creates an experience that goes way beyond the
industry`s early attempts to use the traditional command-and-control voice
recognition software to the frustrating experience of navigating today's TV
programming. Consumers find traditional voice just as frustrating as their
remote controls if they`re forced to speak like robots:
Netflix…Movies…Comedies…" said Mike Kennewick, VoiceBox`s CEO. "VBTV`s ability
to say Find Comedies rated PG starring Ben Stiller is what everyone`s been
waiting for." 

VoiceBox`s VBTV is not only more natural and flexible but it also gives users
"horizontal" access to content that previously asked users to jump in and out of
countless menus. For example, asking for family-friendly Vin Diesel movies
returns whatever`s relevant regardless of traditional content "silos." Results
can include both traditional and web-based content in one view - for example,
HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and network sources. 

VoiceBox`s patented technology can be found on products by brands like Toyota,
Lexus, Pioneer, Chrysler, Dodge, TomTom, Fiat, Mazda, Renault and Maserati; the
Company has contributed to several CES Best in Show products. "Interestingly,
VoiceBox created its first TV/set-top-box solution nearly a decade ago. But
together with hardware advances and increased consumer acceptance of voice, the
market for smart TVs using voice is just now accelerated. We`re happy to have
such a competitive technology advantage and deep expertise in this exciting new
space!" added Kennewick. 

About VoiceBox Technologies Corp.

VoiceBox provides voice Personal Assistant applications that let people find
content and services as well as control their devices using everyday, natural
speech. Based on its patented, award-winning Conversational Voice technology,
VoiceBox products provide a uniquely flexible, conversational user experience.
Its hybrid embedded-server architecture allows VoiceBox to serve customers
across the mobile device, automotive, smart TV/home electronics and tablet
markets throughout North America, Europe and Asia. VoiceBox-built products ship
on global brands such as Toyota, Lexus, Pioneer, TomTom, Chrysler, Fiat, Mazda,
Renault and Maserati. Visit www.voicebox.com.

VoiceBox Technologies Corp.
Victor Melfi, 425-968-7970

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