ATI 2003 Lean Duplex Alloy Selected for North Sea Project

Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:30pm EST

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First use for offshore topside structural components
PITTSBURGH--(Business Wire)--
Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (NYSE: ATI) announced today that ATI 2003
lean duplex stainless has been selected as the material of choice for a full
array of offshore topside structural components. ATI 2003 lean duplex stainless
was chosen over 316L stainless and coated carbon steel for topside secondary and
outfitting structural components on a major offshore project in the Norwegian
North Sea. The end user chose ATI`s innovative material to solve both corrosion
and weight concerns. 

"This selection is another first application and a significant achievement in
the market acceptance of the innovative ATI 2003 lean duplex stainless. ATI 2003
alloy creates value for our customers by providing opportunities for significant
cost savings and strength-to-weight advantages compared to materials currently
employed," said Rich Harshman, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer
of ATI. "For years, 316L austenitic stainless and coated carbon steel have been
used for these offshore applications. Recent reports have highlighted
undesirable chloride pitting and corrosion cracking with 316L and significant
maintenance costs with coated carbon steel in these marine environments." 

Examples of the topside secondary and outfitting structural applications include
perforated, roll formed, and fabricated components such as roof and wall panels,
structural pipe, pipe supports and clamps, fire doors, blast walls, and fire
protection walls. 

ATI 2003 (UNS S32003) lean duplex stainless steel (LDSS) is a
molybdenum-enhanced, proprietary duplex stainless alloy. ATI 2003 LDSS (20% Cr,
3% Ni, 2% Mo) provides enhanced strength and corrosion resistance and can be an
economic alternative to Type 316L (17% Cr, 10% Ni, 2% Mo) stainless. With a
Pitting Resistance Equivalency number (PREn) of 30, ATI 2003 lean duplex is a
more corrosion resistant, higher strength, and cost effective material for
consideration on new platforms having a 40-year design life in the harsh North
Sea environment. The calculated PREn value is a popular means of ranking
stainless steels for their anticipated resistance to corrosion pitting in
aqueous environments. Since 2006, ATI 2003 LDSS has been approved to NORSOK
Standard M-650. The NORSOK standards are developed by the Norwegian petroleum
industry with broad petroleum industry participation, to ensure adequate safety,
value adding and cost effectiveness for petroleum industry developments and
operations. For more information on ATI 2003 LDSS, visit 

Duplex alloys are a relatively new family of stainless alloys that are gaining
attention from end users for their attributes of strength and corrosion
resistance over a wide product range. ATI 2003 lean duplex stainless is
particularly attractive due to lower raw material content and phase stability
which ease fabrication with welding, forming, heat treating, and machining. ATI
is a global industry leader offering the market a range of duplex, lean duplex,
and super duplex stainless alloys to provide the optimum solutions for strength
and corrosion resistance. 

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