Is a Hybrid the Answer to Fuel Poverty?

Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:58pm EST

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NOTTINGHAM, England, January 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

    With the government scrapping its Warm Front programme this Friday (18th January),
one installer of Air Source Heat Pumps (Hybrid Heating Systems) says that homeowners
struggling to pay their energy bills should consider switching to the technology.  

    The Warm Front programme gives grants to insulate the homes of the fuel-poor. On the
same day, energy company E.ON is increasing gas and electric prices by 8.7 per cent,
meaning its customers will have to find an average GBP110 a year to heat and light their

    However, Hybrid Heating Systems' operations director Tim Bennett, says those who are
in "fuel poverty" can heat their homes for less - it just means using new technology.  

    Currently most people buy their gas and electricity from just six big suppliers, and
this needs to change, says Tim.  

    "The government needs to be clearer about the clean energy targets for 2030. By
continuing to use gas and oil, the government will miss these targets, and homeowners
will continue to see their bills rise.  

    "The fact is you can get something for nothing with an Air Source Heat Pump electric
boiler, utilising the latest advancements in heat compression technology, modern air
source heat pumps achieve efficiencies in excess of 4.5 to 1. This means for every 1
kilowatt of electricity it takes to drive the unit, homeowners receive up to 4.5
kilowatts of heat energy directly into their existing central heating system.  

    Tim adds that on top of the substantial and immediate reduction in Hybrid Heating
Systems' customers' annual heating bill, they are protecting their heating costs against
the rising price of energy.  

    He says: "Presently, daytime electricity costs are approximately 12p per Kw hour,
with overnight economy 7 rates typically half this amount at 6p but rising all the time.
Using a Hybrid boiler at current peak time rates you will receive 36 pence worth of free
heat for every kilowatt hour you have paid to run the heat pump."  

    Hybrid Heating Systems is MCS [ ] and
REAL [ ] accredited which means energy users are assured
of a first class professional government-backed installation process, and also eligible
to apply for grants under the Renewable Heat Initiative scheme.  

    About Hybrid Heating Systems  

    Unlike conventional boilers, Air Source Heat Pumps don't scale well in terms of
cost, so the higher the heating load, the more expensive it becomes exponentially. The
most cost effective solution for larger homes is to retain your existing boiler as a
backup to provide supplementary heat on those occasions when the load requirement may be
slightly above the Heat Pumps capacity.   

Hybrid Heating Systems

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