New Boutique Consulting Firm Firebird International Offers Direct Content Sales to Broadcast/Digital Media Buyers in Russia, C.I.S. for US Film Makers, Studios

Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:42am EST

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  NEW YORK, NY, Jan 19 (Marketwire) -- 
Firebird International, staffed by experts in various technology and
media-related fields, who have worked actively for years in Russia and
the C.I.S., is actively seeking clients who produce high-quality
generalized and niche content to sell for international broadcast and
digital distribution. The company already represents studios, content
aggregators and distributors and markets 100,000 plus hours of films, tv
shows, adult entertainment, and music that it sells with and without
associated technology products on behalf of its clients to Russia and
C.I.S.-based partners including television and cable networks, IPTV
services, telecoms, streaming media Web sites, and local media re-sellers.

    Firebird, via its own studios in the region, provides same-day,
inexpensive, professional content dubbing and closed-captioning services
in Russian and all other regional languages as well as digital
translation for interactive content and gaming platforms. Goldstein, who
has been one of the first to facilitate the sale of media in the region
for companies including Time Warner, Disney, MTV, Nickelodeon, Fox,
National Geographic and more, wants to see Firebird become the top
provider of easy-access digital content to Russia and the C.I.S. The
company is currently developing an online B2B marketplace for real-time
sales to registered buyers. "Many of the larger studios," says Goldstein,
"have only recently begun to feel comfortable selling broadcast content
in Russia. Now, all of a sudden, they need to be able to sell the content
across several platforms, and in many countries, as, with the expansion
of accessible technologies, the demand for content is exponentially

    Recent reports from Price Waterhouse Coopers note Russia's unprecedented
recent jump in ranking among content buyers and predict it will be the
third largest market in the world for content by 2015. "A lot of the
content now being demanded," says Goldstein, "is digital content,
purchased by streaming and gradual download Web sites, IPTV networks, and
telecoms. However, as traditional, Russia and C.I.S. broadcast networks
are converting to digital and trying to compete on the Internet, they too
are scrambling for distribution rights and dubbed or close-captioned
digital content. When original rights were given, rampant digital
technology expansion across countries was not taken into account for, so
we see a lot of studios left to sort out what content their partners do
and do not have exclusive rights to. As the region has more and more
entertainment hungry mouths, across eight time zones, to feed, every day,
we are hoping that even companies with existing operations will come to
us to let us help sort out legal parameters and market content for
optimal sale in the most productive manner as we expand and ready for the
launch of the on-line platform, that should help to once and for all
simplify these transactions and allow for more steady, real-time
fulfillment of market demand and provide steady revenues." Firebird,
through its clients and partners, also has the ability to sell the
content directly to consumers in Russia and the C.I.S. via iTunes and
similar platforms and offers digital provisioning capabilities for
companies that need them. "Essentially, we provide a very full service
package for quality content providers of all sorts, with varying goals
and interests, looking to gain and expand market presence."

    Firebird is dedicated to not only working with established brands but
helping smaller producers get their products formatted, translated and
monetized in the region. Goldstein says, "We are not only willing but
very eager to represent promising new production companies, of all sizes,
and help them build brands and make more money faster to build national
operations. We have gone through this sort of scenario many times before,
and it really makes a lot of sense. Why try and push your way into hugely
saturated markets still dominated by the major studios when there are
markets with equal to or more spending power, significantly higher
demand, and less brand awareness? Also, we can help make an unknown US or
European brand into a Russia and C.I.S. sensation very quickly, allowing
clients to gain added income from merchandising and co-branding

    For newer companies, and those just entering the market, Firebird
provides turnkey local marketing and PR services to complement sales and
a suite of other services, including brand registration and quick
facilitation of intellectual property rights.

    Please click on this link to see studios from which you may purchase
digitized content available through Firebird. If you would like detailed,
current lists of available content from any studio or if you or your
company are interested in purchasing such content or are interested in
selling through us, or being included in the several broadcasting systems
and B2C sales platforms we represent, please write to

 Firebird International was founded in 2012
by a group of young business consultants specializing in media and
technology across specialty markets. The company specializes in direct
and indirect investment in US and European tech companies looking to
launch regional operations, direct sales of content and technology to
regional buyers, and fast-track help with registration, patenting,
licensing, and obtainment of intellectual property rights. Other services

    1. Political and Market Risk Analysis
 2. Technology Patenting and
 3. Trademark and Intellectual Property Registration
Customs' Registration and Facilitation
 5. Marketing Adaptation and
 6. Direct Sales, Sales Support, Client Sourcing
 7. Local HR,
Staff Training
 8. Local Technology Conversion and Support
 9. Content
Dubbing and Closed-Captioning in all Local Languages
 10. Relationship
Building with Local Governments
 11. Registration of Local Affiliate
Additional legal support and accounting support services
 13. Integration
to local payment networks
 14. Translation of Marketing and Sales
Materials, Correspondence, Legal Materials, Standard, Digital and Audio

15. Real Estate Location and Evaluation
 16. Creation of Local
Partnership Networks
 17. Localized PR
 18. Technology R&D Services
Investment Guidance
 20. Merchandising, Added-Value Co-branding, Events
and Experiences 
 21. Guaranteed local integration in iTunes and other
monetizable other content distribution systems.
 22. Quantitative and
Qualitative Market Analysis. 

    Please address press enquiries to Brian Hutchins at or, if you are interested in becoming a
client or investor, write to us at

US: 1-800-593-4346
UK: +442085880608

Firebird International
133 Clarendon Street
Boston, MA

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