New Boutique Consulting Firm Packed With Top Specialists to Help Finance and Launch Ground-Breaking Tech and Media Companies in Russia, CIS Markets, Offering Turnkey Corporate Service Solutions

Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:07am EST

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NEW YORK, Jan. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Firebird International
, co-founded by Russia and regional expert Matthew Goldstein, announced today the opening of
boutique business consulting service operations in Boston and New York specialized in providing
direct and third party investment procurement, direct content and technology sales, and fast-track
patenting and registration in addition to a full suite of market evaluation and entry services to
media and tech businesses from start-ups to conglomerates seeking to do business in Russia and the
CIS in the most efficient, streamlined, and profitable manner, under the guidance of its team of
energetic, ambitious, and extremely experienced consultants.

Firebird will work with a wealth of US and foreign of investors
 seeking to gain access to the brightest and most marketable companies that wish to expand their
operations to this region of the world that has recently become a Shangri-La for media and tech
companies, with many major established brands opening offices in the region and with investment,
led by the Russian government, flowing in the billions and consistent profits significantly higher
than anywhere else in the world. Firebird will, on a reduced and flexible combined fee and
commission structure commit, for clients it deems to be promising, to extremely timely allocation
of transparent capital for expansion and growth. Its target clientele in this service and
otherwise will be small and mid-sized companies, many of which need assistance to fund expansion.
Additionally, the Firebird SEED program will directly invest $50,000.00 monthly in three promising
start-up companies meeting its criteria that are ready and willing to launch simultaneously at
home and abroad.

Matthew Goldstein
, co-founder of Firebird, specializes in the direct sale of content and technology licensing to
regional firms, and localized brand and marketing development, on behalf of US and European
companies. He has worked for over 15 years in this field as an agent, performing huge deals for
major companies. He has executed several ground-breaking technology deals, including the creation
and sale of the first working GPS network, for NAVTEQ, in Russia, and conducted content sales for
studios including Fox, National Geographic, Disney, MTV, and Nickelodeon. Presently, Firebird
already represents major digital content provisioners and distributors and markets and sells its
clients' content libraries, which consist of over 100,000 hours of film, movies, and music from
over 100 studios. With Pricewaterhouse Coopers predicting Russia to become the third largest
consumer of content in the world by 2015, Firebird is eager to continue amalgamating content to
sell and is actively seeking out unique and/or niche producers and studios to represent.

The company works according to established formulas for successful international Russia and
CIS-specific business development that it will use to build its own brand. The company hopes to
become known for being the most efficient, affordable, dedicated and trustworthy partner in the
market, specifically for small and mid-sized companies; but also for companies of all sizes and
all budgets that are desiring to do business in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe and do not know
how or can not afford to move the mountains needed in order to sell their products to a ravenous
and exponentially growing amount of businesses, across industries, which are eagerly seeking out
technology and content that they can not find easily and affordably through established channels.
Firebird will not just advise its clients with a navigation map, but will actively participate, as
necessary, to help in performing necessary business development and helping to quickly initiate
long-term partnerships. It will also work with clients to operatively cut through red tape in
order to help them garner licenses, patents and intellectual property quickly, with significantly
less legal expense, with the goal of helping them to avoid spending money and time that they do
not have to overcome regional bureaucracy and prevent it from inhibiting sales processes.

Although Firebird's specialization lies in media and mass-market technologies, its Firebird ENS
, run by Vice President and security technologies expert Sergei Yakovlev, is set up to cater to
clients producing energy, nano, and security-related technologies, all of which are extremely in
demand at present.

Yakovlev states, "Right now, the government of Russia is the primary investor in energies,
securities and nano. This brings with it certain pluses and certain minuses. We will attempt to
work hand in hand with all regional governments to the proper degree, and will seek out investment
from them when we think the company is a good fit, but we want to make market entry for our
clients more accessible, less about whom they know to begin with, how large or small they are, and
without mandates regarding their expected partners and clientele. We will accept clients based on
merit and marketability alone and allow private investors and partners whom we work with equal
access to develop relationships with these companies, hoping to make the markets more accessible
and equitable."

Thomas Hanson, Director of Business Development for Firebird, comments:

"We are looking to be provide everything necessary to make sure our clients are able to jump over
high buildings in a single leap. While certain mega-conglomerates may have millions to waste
before they start making hundreds of millions, most companies are on infinitely smaller budgets
and can not afford to take on significant risk, if any at all. Likewise, we will be there for the
conglomerates who have spent themselves to pieces and seen little to no return, but are ready to
go about entry in a more rational fashion and give themselves another chance to experience success
equal to that of their peers. So long as the product is relevant and the company well-structured
we will be there as much as we are needed."

Firebird has launched its Web site and has already accepted its first clients.

About Firebird International

In addition to the services listed in the release, Firebird will offer political and market risk
analysis, qualitative and quantitative market research, marketing adaptation and translation,
content dubbing and closed-captioning, localized HR and corporate training, local partner network
building, government relationship building and management, integration of local payment systems,
localized PR, creation of local R&D programs, merchandising, co-branding, and events' support, as
well as additional legal and real estate services. It will take fees on a case-by-case basis,
depending on its evaluation of the company's promise and its financial situation, and, in some
cases, will agree to work with clients on equity-sharing agreements. When taking on start-ups
primarily for investment allocation reasons, to begin with, which it will limit to three per
month, Firebird will provide seed capital.

For more information, please call Firebird toll-free from the US at 1-800-593-4346 or, from the
UK, at +44208588068. To ask questions via email, or schedule an appointment to visit with us in
either Boston or New York, please fill out our contact form
 or simply write us at
. If you are a start-up, seeking financing for development, please submit your business plans to

The Firebird International
 logo is available at

CONTACT: Firebird International
         US 1-800-593-4346
         UK +44208588068

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