EVault`s Annual Cloud-Connected Backup and Recovery Survey Discovers IT Challenged with Managing More and More Data, Turning to Hybrid Environments for Relief

Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:00am EST

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Survey Findings Also Show IT Starting to Take Action on Pressing BYOD Issues
SAN FRANCISCO--(Business Wire)--
In its second-annual survey released today, EVault, Inc., a Seagate Company
(NASDAQ:STX), revealed that half of all organizations surveyed in the USA, UK,
France, Germany, and the Netherlands say they are managing more data now than
they were a year ago, and 70 percent of those same organizations expect that the
volumes of data they manage will only continue to climb. Faced with these
realities, the survey found that within the group of IT leaders not currently
benefiting from a hybrid (onsite and offsite) data protection environment, more
than 60 percent are either planning or considering one. Cloud backup and
storage, a key component of hybrid environments, is now seen as an important way
to manage the ever-increasing volumes of data. 66 percent of IT people surveyed
said their organizations will increase the amount of data they store in the
cloud by 2015. The US is most bullish about storing data in the cloud, with 85
percent of American IT leaders responding they would increase cloud usage in the
next few years. 

Within organizations already benefiting from a hybrid data protection
environment, 74 percent report they needed the increased flexibility a hybrid
approach brings to their data management infrastructure, which becomes more and
more important as data volumes increase. Improved data security was why 66
percent moved from their old backup and recovery tools to an onsite and offsite
data protection solution. 57 percent of all IT leaders surveyed prefer their
hybrid solution because their rapidly growing business critical data requires
protection against natural disaster and theft. 

"The EVault community leads the industry in embracing and promoting onsite,
cloud, and cloud-connected - also known as hybrid - data protection solutions to
help organizations protect and access their critical data. EVault`s uniquely
integrated ecosystem of EVault software, SaaS, managed services, and appliances
help ensure customers maintain business continuity in multi-platform, multi-site
environments," said Terry Cunningham, president and general manager of EVault.
"This year`s survey demonstrates that data protection, disaster recovery, and
other storage services optimized to perform in a distributed environment,
supported by a secure, reliable cloud storage infrastructure is what customers
want as they look to strategies to manage volumes of data that will only
continue to climb." 

IT Decision-Makers Under Stress with the Data Management Burden

EVault`s 2011 survey revealed some startling admissions from IT decision-makers.
Chief among these were the 17 percent who would rather have their teeth pulled
without using painkillers than have to inform their bosses of a critical data
loss. A year later, it`s apparent that IT teams are still anxious when it comes
to sharing bad news with company leadership. 

24 percent of respondents in the survey admitted to not telling their CEOs they
are not backing up all files, especially those on mobile devices. The stress of
data management continues to burden IT decision-makers; 38 percent admit they
worry about their data not being saved securely or whether any work has been
backed up at all. This worry is well-founded. In 2011, 31 percent of
organizations had experienced data loss within the last 12 months - on average
twice, but in 2012 this has increased to 53 percent experiencing a loss. 

"The IT insight section of our annual survey always reveals fascinating details
about the personalities inside the IT department, and the pressures they are
under. They continue to struggle with data loss, management of data growth,
keeping up-to-date with new technologies, and are now grappling with the reality
of employees using personal devices at work, and how that further impacts their
data growth and management issues," Cunningham said. 

Mobile Devices-A Growing Concern

While year-over-year and country-by-country figures of employees storing company
data on their phones held steady at 22 percent (in the US it is up to 32
percent), an overwhelming majority of IT leaders - 94 percent - have concerns
about the mix of personal and corporate data used by employees on their own
mobile devices. 67 percent of IT leaders surveyed expressed concerns about the
retention and security of their data, and its possible deletion from a mobile
device. Meanwhile, an additional 57 percent highlighted worries about the legal
issues that could stem from the BYOD (bring your own device) trend. 

IT leaders in this study are just starting to address the issue. While almost
all of the organizations surveyed - 96 percent - have at least some employees
who have mobile devices they use for work, and 24 percent of IT leaders
themselves admit to having lost data from a mobile device, only 28 percent of
organizations surveyed currently have a disaster recovery plan which includes
mobile devices. IT appears ready to start addressing this problem, with a large
number of respondents believing they would benefit from implementing some policy
controls. For example, 55 percent of those surveyed believe their organization
would benefit from administrative controls enabling the ability to delete data
from any mobile device possessing company data. 

"As the proliferation of devices and their functionality increases so does the
likelihood that employees will become more reliant on them for company use.
Without a conscious plan for protecting data on mobile devices, companies` data
management strategies will have more holes than Swiss cheese," Cunningham said.
"It is great news that 32 percent of the IT leaders surveyed are planning to
implement a strategy to manage data loss from mobile devices including laptops,
smartphones and tablets, and that 43 percent are planning or considering a
disaster recovery plan for 2013. We predict that this percentage will be even
greater in the next three years." 

For a visual representation of the survey, see the accompanying infographic. 

More Survey Analysis to Come

Over the coming weeks and months EVault will release further insights and
analysis from its second-annual cloud-connected backup and recovery survey.
EVault anticipates a more detailed view of each country including a comparing
and contrasting of leaders and laggards across key areas like disaster recovery
and data backup, BYOD and CIO insights. EVault will also break down responses
from the survey`s SMB and large enterprise organizations as well as some
vertical industries highlighted in the research. 

This analysis will be found on EVault`s blog, which can be subscribed to at

Survey Methodology

EVault commissioned Vanson Bourne, an independent research company, to conduct
this study of trends in data storage and related services. Between October and
November of 2012, Vanson Bourne interviewed 650 IT decision-makers from
companies ranging in size from 100 to 3,000+ employees. Respondents represented
a range of industries (financial services, retail, healthcare, legal, education,
and government) in multiple countries (USA, UK, France, Germany, and the

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