ES3 Launches New CONNECT Program at CES 2013

Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:53pm EST

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In Response to Increasing Demand for Their Leading IPTV Applications, ES3
Reveals Its New Product Programs 
TORONTO--(Business Wire)--
ES3 announced its new CONNECT Program at CES 2013 in a series of customer and
partner closed sessions. The company continued to enjoy significant growth in
2012 in terms of revenue, operator partners, applications, platforms deployed,
and ultimately consumers reached. CONNECT is a holistic, company-wide program
designed to ensure ES3`s TV applications continue to connect, and engage more
deeply, with their intended audiences. 

"This is a very exciting time for ES3," said Douglas Edwards, CEO. "We wanted to
put together a program vision that focuses on delivering a new Consumer TV
entertainment experience, providing an edge to our TV Operator customers,
assisting Broadcasters and Content providers to deliver engaging experiences via
digital over-the-top (OTT) content, and finally, ensuring that ES3 continues to
innovate and adapt to the new platforms and Devices our customers are using." 

The end user entertainment experience is the primary focus in the ES3 product
development strategy. AppChannels use an innovative, intuitive interface for
Consumers to discover and enjoy OTT and interactive application content on the
TV. ES3 revealed their new AppChannels program to customers and content partners
at CES. 

Under the CONNECT program vision, ES3 also launched its new "Fast Track"
Delivery Program designed to accelerate the deployment of its Mediaroom TV
applications to Operators. 

In 2012, major Broadcasters and Content owners approached ES3 requesting their
own IPTV applications. To meet the demand for enhanced TV experiences, ES3
developed and recently launched their eTV App Framework (the e stands for
"enhanced"). The eTV Framework is an interactive broadcast application that
assists with discovery and subscription sales by connecting linear broadcast
with contextual information, OTT video, integrated social media and extended
programming features. 

ES3`s Device program (Companion, nScreen and Connected TV) extends TV app
interfaces and content to all devices, inside and outside the home. In
collaboration with leading OTT video delivery company Azuki Systems, an nScreen
demonstration of the TumbleBooks TV application showed seamless delivery of rich
content and interactivity from the popular TV app to tablets. These features
allow the user to maintain their session across any smart device, with
bookmarking and resume capabilities. 

All TV app demonstrations used beautifully designed TV remotes from ruwido, a
leading provider of input devices and interaction mechanisms. In a statement
from ruwido`s CEO, Ferdinand Maier, he explains, "The remote control is an
integral centerpiece of the living room experience and ruwido specializes in
innovative design, enhanced technology and scientific research to enable
intuitive navigation and a superior user experience." ES3 and ruwido are
exploring new ways to innovate on TV interaction hardware and software to create
a more harmonized user experience. 

About ES3

ES3 is an award-winning TV application provider with a series of premium
content, social and utility-based interactive TV applications delivered on the
Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV platform for Service Operators, globally.

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