GE Launches Industrial Internet Solution to Help Utilities Predict and Prevent Electrical Grid Outages

Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:00pm EST

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* GE`s Grid IQTM Insight Connects Machines, Data and People to Improve
Electrical Grid Efficiency
* Integrates Real-Time Information to Give Utilities Data Never Before Available
* Empowers Utilities to Proactively Respond to Outages-Reducing Costs and
Improving Customer Satisfaction

SAN DIEGO--(Business Wire)--
Grid IQTM Insight, a new power management system from GE Digital Energy`s (NYSE:
GE) Industrial Internet portfolio, is a platform that consolidates data from a
broad mix of sources including existing grid management systems, smart meters
and other intelligent grid power equipment, sensors, weather monitoring and even
unstructured social media content from sources like Facebook or Twitter. Grid IQ
Insight takes the terabytes of data and using advanced analytics technologies,
generates actionable information to predict and resolve failures and other
issues that impact the performance of today`s power grids. 

The Electric Power Research Institute estimates that power outages and power
quality disturbances cost utilities and consumers more than $150 billion
annually and greatly affect the U.S. economy. But what if you could use the
power of social media, combine it with transmission data and fix problems much
faster after they happen? 

By consolidating and analyzing real-time data from once disconnected sources,
Grid IQ Insight helps predict and prevent potential problems to the grid by
getting the right information to the right people at the right time. For
example, by using social media updates or smart meter data, Grid IQ Insight can
triangulate the source of the outage and show a utility where to send their
crews faster than traditional systems. It also can help a utility understand
where a potential equipment failure exists allowing it to proactively address
the problem as part of its regular maintenance program rather than incurring
additional costs related to unplanned, emergency repairs. After Grid IQ Insight
gathers input from social media, intelligent devices and renewable energy
sources, it applies analytical intelligence to model the data and visualize it
in brand new ways. 

"Our Grid IQ Insight enables utilities to identify system outages quickly via
improved visualization and analysis of their systems, minimizing outage times
and greatly reducing costs associated with extended system outages," said
Michael Carlson, general manager-software solutions for GE`s Digital Energy
business. "This is a powerful tool that will help utilities predict and prevent
power outages and improve customer satisfaction." 

GE`s Grid IQ Insight, developed as a result of working directly with the world`s
largest utility companies,is able to provide utilities with crucial outage
prevention and restoration information by monitoring factors such as social
media outlets and weather patterns. It is able to scan mass amounts of text and
images posted to social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter,
identifying and relaying outage related material to utilities quickly to
minimize service disruptions for consumers. Grid IQ Insight also can analyze
current and historical weather patterns. Using this information, the system can
help utilities anticipate and prepare for severe weather-related service

In addition to its Grid IQ Insight analytical software, GE offers utilities an
advanced grid management system, its Grid IQ "Solutions as a Service" (SaaS), to
help modernize electrical grid systems and meet expanding capacity,
environmental and security needs. This cloud-based package of testing and
consultation services allows appliances, smart meters and utilities to talk to
each other, enabling utilities to efficiently manage the supply of power when
and where it is needed. SaaS also allows for the re-routing of electricity
during an outage, making the grid "self-healing". 

Modernizing the electrical grid is a necessity for utilities to meet consumers`
ever-increasing demands for efficient, uninterrupted power. According to a 2011
survey by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, there are more than 37
million smart meters installed and operating across the country.GE`s Grid IQ
Insight is able to monitor and analyze usage data from these meters to help
utilities understand and visualize electrical consumption patterns. It also can
identify electrical theft occurring in the network. All of this information
leads to improved servicing of transformers, which can prevent repair related
outages in the event of a system failure. 

In addition, Grid IQ Insight provides informative data to those using solar
installations. Solar energy installations have increased 116 percent
year-to-year. However, many utilities have no way of tracking the amount of
distributed energy generated on a daily basis by these installations. The Grid
IQ solution combines solar interconnection, weather and meter data to generate
an accurate figure of how much energy has been generated each day. This not only
enables utilities to visualize the effect on network reliability that integrated
solar energy has on the electrical grid, but also provides customers with
insight as to how much money solar power is saving them on a daily basis. 

GE`s Digital Energy business is a global leader in protection and control,
communications, power sensing and power quality solutions. Its products and
services increase the reliability of electrical power networks and critical
equipment for utility, industrial and large commercial customers. From
protecting and optimizing assets such as generators, transmission lines and
motors, to ensuring secure wireless data transmission and providing
uninterruptible power, GE`s Digital Energy business delivers industry-leading
technologies to solve the unique challenges of each customer. For more
information, visit 

This announcement was made at the DistribuTECH 2013 trade show, which runs from
January 29-31. For additional information on GE announcements, please visit the
GE Digital Energy Press Room. 

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