TABLE-Komatsu -2012/13 group forecast(SEC)

Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:01am EST

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Jan 29 (Reuters) -
              Komatsu Ltd     

                 Full Year to      Full Year to 
               Mar 31, 2013      Mar 31, 2013   
                  LATEST           PREVIOUS     
                 FORECAST          FORECAST     
  Sales          1.92 trln         1.97 trln    
  Operating       230.00            262.00      
  PreTax          222.00            252.00      
  Net             138.00            157.00      
  EPS           144.91 yen        164.86 yen    
  NOTE - Komatsu Ltd is a major maker of construction machinery, 
 such as hydraulic power shovels. 

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