Amazon Web Services Launches Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:30am EST

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Customers can now easily transcode video assets between multiple web and device
formats at Internet scale
SEATTLE--(Business Wire)--
Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company (NASDAQ: AMZN), today
announced Amazon Elastic Transcoder, a highly scalable service for transcoding
video files between different digital media formats. For example, customers can
use Amazon Elastic Transcoder to convert their large high resolution "master"
video files into smaller versions that are optimized for playback on websites,
mobile devices, connected TV`s and other video platforms. Amazon Elastic
Transcoder removes the need to manage infrastructure and transcoding software,
providing scalability and performance by leveraging AWS services. The service
manages all aspects of the transcoding process transparently and automatically.
It also supports pre-defined transcoding presets that make it easy to transcode
video for smartphones, tablets, web browsers and other devices. With Amazon
Elastic Transcoder, customers can create enterprise, training, user-generated,
broadcast, or other video content for their applications or websites. Customers
can get started with Amazon Elastic Transcoder by visiting 

Traditionally, transcoding has been complex for customers in three significant
ways. First, customers need to buy and manage transcoding software, which can be
expensive and also requires substantial configuration and management. Second,
audio and video settings for each device that the customer wants to support need
to be created and tested. Often, this is a trial and error process, which can be
wasteful as compute resources are used each time a new combination of settings
is tried. Third, to accommodate peak workloads, customers need to provision the
transcoding capacity appropriately. This can be expensive because most of the
time the capacity is underutilized. 

With Amazon Elastic Transcoder these complexities are eliminated. There is no
need to buy, configure or manage the underlying transcoding software. In
addition, Amazon Elastic Transcoder provides pre-defined presets for popular
devices that remove the trial and error in finding the right settings and output
formats for different devices. The service also supports custom presets
(pre-defined settings made by the customer), making it easy for customers to
create re-useable transcoding settings for their unique requirements such as a
specific video size or bitrate. Finally, Amazon Elastic Transcoder automatically
scales up and down to handle customers` workloads, eliminating wasted capacity
and minimizing time spent waiting for jobs to complete. The service also enables
customers to process multiple files in parallel and organize their transcoding
workflow using a feature called transcoding pipelines. Using transcoding
pipelines, customers can configure Amazon Elastic Transcoder to transcode their
files when and how they want, so they can efficiently and seamlessly scale for
spikey workloads. For example, a news organization may want to have a "high
priority" transcoding pipeline for breaking news stories, or a User-Generated
Content website may want to have separate pipelines for low, medium, and high
resolution outputs to target different devices. 

"Our customers told us that it was difficult and expensive to transcode video
due to the explosion in the number of devices they need to support," said
Charlie Bell, Vice President of Utility Computing Services. "They had to be both
experts in the intricacies of video support on different devices and manage the
software required to run the transcoding jobs. None of this work had anything to
do with their goal: getting a high quality video that would look great on the
devices they wanted. We built Amazon Elastic Transcoder to give our customers an
easy, cost effective way to solve these problems." 

"The Language Learning Center offers hundreds of hours of video content in over
50 languages to students and faculty, with a growing library of video assets,"
said Bob Majors, Senior Computing Specialist, University of Washington. "With
Amazon Elastic Transcoder, we`ve been very impressed with how easy it is to
convert our content into versions that work well on the web and on mobile

"Zuffa encodes videos of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and prides itself on
delivering the best and most up to date content to its fans. Amazon's Elastic
Transcoder has the horsepower to scale for very large videos, even hundreds of
gigabytes in size and this will help us continue to be leaders in the digital
space," said Christy King, VP Technology R&D, Zuffa, LLC. 

OneScreen is a technology solutions provider that connects video producers,
publishers, and advertisers across all screens through its Media Graph platform.
"At OneScreen, we are excited to add Amazon Elastic Transcoder to our broad
utilization of the AWS cloud," said Patrick Ting, CTO, OneScreen, Inc. "With the
scalability and cost-efficiency the service offers, we`re able to pass those
benefits on to our producer and aggregator partners, making it easier for them
to bring high quality content to the market." 

Amazon Elastic Transcoder offers simple pay-as-you-go pricing. Customers are
charged based on the number of minutes they need to transcode and the selected
resolution. There are no upfront fees or minimum commitments required. To help
customers understand how this service can be used with their applications, AWS
is providing a free tier of service, in which up to the first 20 minutes of
content transcoded each month is provided free of charge. Amazon Elastic
Transcoder is available in six regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon),
US West (N. California), EU (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Asia Pacific
(Japan). Customers can get started with Amazon Elastic Transcoder by visiting 

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