AMD Kick Starts 2013 With the Ultimate "Gaming Evolved" Game Partnerships and "Never Settle: Reloaded" Bundle Program

Mon Feb 4, 2013 12:01am EST

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  SUNNYVALE, CA, Feb 04 (Marketwire) -- 
AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the arrival of its "Never Settle:
Reloaded" game bundle, the sequel to last year's monumental "Never
Settle" bundle. "Never Settle: Reloaded" delivers by bundling up to four
of this year's most anticipated PC games -- "BioShock(R) Infinite" by 2K
Games and Irrational Games, "Crysis(R) 3" by Electronic Arts, "DmC Devil
May Cry(TM)" by Capcom(R) and "Tomb Raider(R)" by Square Enix -- with
select AMD Radeon(TM) HD 7900 and HD 7800 Series graphics cards. The
bundle highlights the continued commitment by AMD to ensure an incredible
gaming experience on the world's top PC titles optimized for AMD
Radeon(TM) graphics cards. 

    "AMD knows gaming and in 2013 we plan to make a huge mark on the
industry. Today we begin that journey by showing the world that the best
PC game developers are AMD Gaming Evolved partners," said Matt Skynner,
corporate vice president and general manager of AMD Graphics. "The 'Never
Settle: Reloaded' bundle clearly stands apart from anything else in the
market. Gaming has always been, and will remain, the core of the AMD
Graphics strategy and success. In 2013, we plan to forge greater inroads
into the gaming industry and it begins with packaging this year's biggest
games with the best graphics hardware from AMD."

    The introduction of this gaming bundle further demonstrates AMD
leadership in and commitment to gaming as the centerpiece of its
long-term graphics strategy. In 2013, AMD plans to further reinforce its
position as an industry-leading graphics provider by focusing on four
critical pillars. The first pillar is content, where AMD will continue
its ground-breaking work with game developers to ensure the greatest
games are optimized to play on the greatest hardware, AMD Radeon
graphics. Second, AMD will work with console developers to evolve and
improve the console experience for both gamers and game developers. Third
is the cloud, where AMD will expand the limits of online gaming through
technology partnerships with companies like CiiNow, enabling game
publishers, retailers and carriers to tap into the growing online video
game market, ultimately providing greater choice for PC gamers. And
finally, AMD will continue to deliver cutting-edge graphics technology
which ultimately sets the foundation for driving the best gaming
experiences regardless of the platform.

    "The 'Crysis' franchise has a reputation for demanding the world's most
powerful graphics cards," said Cevat Yerli, CEO and president of Crytek.
"'Crysis 3' pushes GPU technology even further and is the best looking
game we have ever worked on, so we needed a hardware partner that could
keep up with us. The AMD Gaming Evolved program clearly demonstrated that
AMD Radeon and the Graphics Core Next architecture is what we needed."

    Never Settle: Reloaded Bundle
 The "Never Settle: Reloaded" bundle offers
the following games when purchased with select AMD Radeon(TM) HD 7900 and
HD 7800 Series graphics cards*:

Game Title  AMD Radeon(TM)  AMD Radeon(TM)  AMD Radeon(TM) Purchase two  AMD
               HD 7900      HD 7800      HD 7800    AMD Radeon(TM)  HD 7990 GPU
               Series       Series       Series       HD 7900    (NA & EMEA 
                (WW)      (NA, EMEA,  (APAC, excl.    Series        only)
                           AUS, NZL,    GC, JPN,    (NA & EMEA
                             KOR)       KOR, ANZ)      only)
 Crysis(R) 3
  Download        X                                      X            X
  Download        X            X            X            X            X
  Download                     X                         X            X
 DmC Devil
  May Cry(TM)
  Download                                  X
  Download                                               X            X
  Download                                               X            X
Far Cry(R) 3
  Download                     X                         X            X

"One of our goals with 'Tomb Raider' is to make the game experience
feel believable and the graphics become one of the key components to help
deliver that," said Karl Stewart, global brand director, Crystal
Dynamics. "Using AMD Radeon with the compute-driven graphics features in
'Tomb Raider' helped us create an island which can be visually stunning
or inhospitably hostile, introduce a cast of characters and tell this
origins story to the best effect." 

    AMD Radeon Technology
 The award-winning AMD Radeon HD 7900 and HD 7800
Series graphics cards feature AMD CrossFire(TM) technology, immersive AMD
Eyefinity multidisplay technology and AMD HD3D stereo 3D, which when
combined with the latest DirectX(R) 11.1 capable games, deliver
exceptional experiences and cutting-edge visuals for gamers. For gamers
looking for the ultimate gaming card to take full advantage of the "Never
Settle: Reloaded" bundle, the limited-edition ASUS ROG ARES II graphics
card is currently available. Equipped with two overclocked AMD Radeon(TM)
HD 7970 GHz Edition GPUs in a slender two-slot design, the ROG ARES II
suits a variety of PC cases, and has a new hybrid thermal design that
combines liquid and air cooling. 

    "We are pleased that the AMD 'Never Settle' promotion of 2012 returns in
2013. This free game promotion for AMD Radeon graphics was a huge success
and was very well received by our gaming enthusiasts," said Rob Verheij,
marketing coordinator, Alternate Netherlands. "I am convinced that this
new bundle promotion, which contains top games like 'BioShock(R)
Infinite,' 'Crysis(R) 3' and 'Tomb Raider(R),' will be a big success."

    "After the success of last year's Never Settle Bundle, we are thrilled to
see AMD, yet again, offer 2013's most anticipated PC games packaged with
their award-winning graphics cards to our customers," said Soren Mills,
chief marketing officer of Newegg North America. "Both Newegg and AMD are
supporters of the PC gaming community, which is why we value this
partnership and look forward to offering this exciting new

 Coupons for games included in the AMD Radeon Never
Settle: Reloaded bundle will be provided by resellers when customers
purchase AMD Radeon HD 7900 and HD 7800 Series graphics cards, and can be
redeemed on the AMD Redemption portal.

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