Wayfair E-Retailer Accelerates Development and Capabilities With AMD's SeaMicro Server

Tue Feb 5, 2013 8:00am EST

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  SUNNYVALE, CA, Feb 05 (Marketwire) -- 
AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced e-Commerce leader Wayfair, the largest
online retailer of home products and furnishings, has deployed AMD's
SeaMicro SM10000-XE(TM) server to foster growth and aid development of
new capabilities for its online store. The high density SeaMicro server
doubled the computing capacity and reduced power consumption by 50

    Wayfair.com offers a personalized customer experience to create loyalty
and encourage repeat business with features such as user-centric search
and a contextualized recommendation engine, critical to helping users
sort through the more than 5,000 brands to find the product they want.
The company needed to expand its server infrastructure to service its
growing customer base and product portfolio. However, space and power
constraints hindered this expansion and traditional server solutions
appeared inefficient and expensive. 

    "AMD's SeaMicro server provided immediate CAPEX and OPEX savings, which
allowed us to double the amount of compute and actually reduce our space
requirements and lower power consumption by 50 percent," said Ben Clark,
director of Software Engineering at Wayfair. "It's a clear cut business
case, and we have seen the benefits from day one with reduced development
cycles, allowing us to improve the end-user experience and increase
revenue with big data analytics. We expect the SeaMicro system to be a
key part of our data center infrastructure as we grow to become a billion
dollar company."

    The SeaMicro SM10000-XE server contains 256 CPU cores and 1.28
terabits-per-second bandwidth, enabled by the SeaMicro Freedom(TM) fabric
which removes the constraints of traditional servers while delivering up
to a 50 percent reduction in power savings. It is the industry's highest
density, most energy efficient x86 server on the market today.
Furthermore, it integrates switching functionality and removes the need
for top of rack switches, terminal servers and hundreds of networking
devices and cables to simplify the installation, management and

    "Wayfair is experiencing explosive growth in a highly competitive
segment," said Andrew Feldman, general manager and corporate vice
president, Data Center Server Solutions, AMD. "The AMD SeaMicro server
allows Wayfair to scale up or down on demand, reduce operating costs and
increase efficiency, and provides the equivalent of several racks of
equipment in just 10 rack units." 

    AMD's SeaMicro server product family currently supports the new AMD
Opteron(TM) 4300 Series processor, along with Intel(R) Xeon(TM) E3-1260L
("Sandy Bridge") and E3-1265Lv2 ("Ivy Bridge") processors. The SeaMicro
SM15000 supports SeaMicro Freedom Fabric Storage, enabling a single
SeaMicro system to connect with up to five petabytes of storage capacity.
This approach provides the benefits provided by expensive and complex
solutions such as network attached storage (NAS) and storage area
networking (SAN), with the simplicity and low cost of direct attached
storage (DAS).

    More information on AMD's SeaMicro technology is available at

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