Vivakor Announces Completion of Precious Metal Processing Unit Through Its VivaVentures Precious Metals Division

Tue Feb 5, 2013 9:10am EST

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  IRVINE, CA, Feb 05 (Marketwire) -- 
Vivakor Inc. (PINKSHEETS: VIVK) Announced today that VivaVentures
Precious Metals has completed its first production extraction unit. The
unit now enters into the Quality Control phase and is expected to be
employed to full production before month end. This unit extracts precious
metals through a proprietary vaporization process and is unique to
VivaVentures Precious Metals. The Vaporization Technology not only
processes precious metals with an astounding extraction yield, it also
applies to rare earths as well. The Company projects each Unit to have an
extraction capacity of 125 ounces of Gold (Au) per month, with the ore
content from its existing claims. Other PMGs (Platinum Metal Groups) are
also extracted from these units as well. 

    CEO and Chairman Matt Nicosia added, "The Company is pleased to announce
the completion of this Unit, as it was completed ahead of schedule and
accomplishes the objective requiring production and asset generation
within six months of investment. As the unit comes in full production
toward the end of this month, we expect to derive a significant change in
asset classification as the in-ground assets become production reserves.
Based on the success of these units, and the ability to monetize the
reserves, the company has put a plan together that will include
manufacturing of four to twelve units this year. Such production will
allow the company to turn all of its in-ground reserves into producing
reserves. This is an exciting time for the company as the VivaVentures
Precious Metals asset becomes a significant player in the precious metals
market. With the ongoing monetary instability we project the continued
increase in precious metals, and rare earth values, thus increasing
shareholder value for Vivakor Inc." 

    About Vivakor, Inc.

    Vivakor, Inc. is an asset acquisition company that develops and acquires
assets that generate revenue currently or in the near term. The Company
acquires technologies and assets in the fields of precious minerals,
biotechnology, and alternative energy. We have several mineral assets
that have great value and both create a cash flow and a long term revenue
stream for the Company. We have effectively acquired positions in other
Green Energy companies. We have several operating assets that produce
revenues and cash flow to the company. Our business model is to acquire
cash-flowing or near term cash-flowing mineral and or technology assets
that an identified need or a substantial market opportunity with a
significant market. For more information please visit


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